How to Start a Business if You Have Zero Funding but Bright Ideas

Do you have an awesome idea for a brand-new business? Do you also have zero money saved up to fulfill this awesome business venture? That’s a bummer—but, after the initial bummed feeling wears off, there are several ways you can still start a small, great business with zilch funds to bolster your ideas.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Some business owners-to-be make the mistake of quitting their day jobs to completely, totally pursue a business venture. And while some of them succeed, most of them fail—especially the ones that have zero funding to start up their business. With that said, don’t quit your day job. Instead, strive to create a business while you still work to fund your everyday expenses, like bills, food, and the essentials.

Make Small Financial Goals That Reflect Your Current Cash Flow

Your current cash flow is your day job. So, make a budget plan of your current cash flow, then divvy up weekly and monthly expenses. Where is your money going? Cut expenses where you can, then use the leftover money towards a bank account that will go to funding the beginnings of your business venture. This is your first financial goal. You can think of your second, third, and so on, when you’ve made a success of the first.

Explore the Possibilities of Crowdfunds or Business Sponsors

Crowdfunds are interweb goldmines because everyone wants to get in on the newest, coolest business idea. So, sell your idea. Make promises for rewards for contributors. Ask for financial help to start your business and bring on a partner or two if it helps you accomplish your goals.

You could also call around for sponsor consultations, which is where you present your idea and a service or product prototype. Then a business can choose to either kick your idea to the curb or give you an advance in sponsorships to get you started. You could even make a reasonable investment in custom product labels to market your own merchandise as a start-up.

Building a business is hard work, no doubt—even moreso when you have little to no money to pour into your venture. But hopefully, the aforementioned ideas will give you some direction on where you can start setting up a business that fulfills your ideas.…

3 Things Needed to Start a Laundromat Business

Venturing onto an entrepreneurial path is an exciting venture. Since becoming a business owner has no safety net, entering a field that has low-barriers of entry is a worthwhile consideration. A laundromat business, for example, is a good starter enterprise. The equipment will be your major expense, but laundromat equipment for lease florida can help you procure it at comfortable terms.

Here are three things needed to start a laundromat business.


Where you decide to open your business matters. For a laundromat, you may want a space that is situated near apartment complexes. If those apartment complexes are not equipped with many washers and dryers of their own, you will be more likely to attract those residents. It helps to find a location that sits next to shops and eateries, as well as one that consists of free parking spaces.


Before you open your new laundromat business, it is important conduct some research. Whether you do it yourself or you pay a professional to complete it for you, research helps you better understand what you are walking into. This information is key when determining the best location. It will also help you evaluate your competition. A homeowner’s washer and dryer can stop working suddenly or the washing equipment may not be available in a housing complex, but it does not mean that these situations will keep your business running 24/7. Research, therefore, paints a realistic picture that leads to informed decision-making opportunities.


Whether you decide to purchase or lease your laundromat’s equipment, they will still need to be maintained. You will also maintain other services you decide to provide, like soap dispensers, coin machines and tables for folding clothing. Your location’s overall cleanliness, marketing and reputation will also need to be maintained. Bad worth of mouth gets around much quicker than good word of mouth, so any services and amenities you offer, should always be offered at an optimal level.

If you have decided to open a new laundromat business, location, research and maintenance will all be needed.…

Everything that you need to Know about Mobile Recharge

Never want to interrupt the amazing fun of frequent video calling, perpetual online games, chatting and constant updates on social media websites? None does though. To keep getting uninterrupted entertainment at all these sites you need to keep your Mobile recharged,or sometimes somebody else’s too.

What is Mobile Recharge?

People call it by so many names as a top up, mobile airtime, mobile load and mobile credit. The destination of all of them is same. It is that your mobile gets its balance renewed. When Mobile recharge hasbecome so frequent because nobody wants to stop this entertainment, several service providers are giving enchanting offers to their loyal customers. This is what the customers need also because the world of entertainment is limitless and nobody wants to compromise with this & at the top of it we do not want to spend this much money also.

Being very specific, a Mobile recharge is a process that allows you to send money to somebody else’s phone in some other country, or sometimes to your own phone. With the help of this facility,there is no hassle of running to market just for a mobile recharge.

To add more benefit to our basket, some leading companies, these days, are providing exciting cash back offers at the limited recharge. These companies are Paytm, Freecharge, My Airtel-Online, PhonePe, and Pockets-UPI. The best advantage to use these services is that you save a lot of time by just installing the applications and make your recharge done within seconds. You can even send money to your family or friends by a Mobile Recharge.

One among such companies is Paytm, which gives all the facilities that a customer needs including quick money transfer and more importantly, instant Mobile Recharge. Paytm is offering this service or paying postpaid bills for all the major operators like Jio, BSNL, Airtel, Aircel, Idea and all of them. Paytm app enables payment of mobile bill a very fast and easy. With Paytm app you can browse through all the recharge plans and offers and choose what suits you.

Steps of Making Mobile Recharge

To do a Mobile Recharge while using these apps is a child’s play. Any person who is literate can do this. If you have an app installed on your phone, it is simpler than anything. With an app, it is easy to send money to any of your relatives or friends if they need it. The simple steps are to be followed:

  • The best & easiest way is to download an app of whichever service provider you feel like.
  • Make your login account and secure with password
  • Link it to your bank account and verify your documents
  • Add the recipient’s name and account and follow the instructions
  • Once the transaction is done you will get the confirmation

Although the Mobile Recharge is another invention in technology which has done nothing but simplified our work, one needs to be very much cautious while performing such tasks. The reason is that it is …