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Four Important Things to consider When Selecting an e-Fulfillment Partner It is the wish of every store owner to find a dependable company that can fulfill orders quickly and affordably, so they can concentrate on what’s important–managing the store. Finding a decent fulfillment company is therefore important to the growth of your business. But with so many fulfillment services to choose from, how do you find the one that meets your needs? To help you make an informed choice, check out the following things to consider when looking for an e-fulfillment partner. Technological considerations Technology is a core factor in the success of many modern businesses. For fulfillment services in particular, the technology employed is crucial to the smooth operation of your business. A fulfillment partner must therefore make it easy for you to manage all your sales channels. That means the interface they provide you with to manage inventory and orders should not only be flexible in terms of functionality, but also intuitive to use. The system needs to accurate handle orders and process them as efficiently as possible.
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When it comes to their shipping options, customers want flexibility. They want to be presented with a variety of options so they can choose what’s most convenient for them. This can be in terms of cost–some consumers would gladly wait a few days more so they can save on shipping costs, while others would pay more to have the shipment delivered as soon as possible. In terms of scope, some order fulfillment companies deliver both locally and internationally. So if you expect some international orders, you must choose a partner resourceful enough to deliver the shipments within the desired delivery times. Specialization As is the case with ecommerce retailers, many ecommerce fulfillment companies tend to concentrate on a specific industry. Let’s say you are in the electronics industry for example; it’s quite possible to find a fulfillment company that mostly deals with electronics. What’s important is that the company you choose has experience with your kind of product, even if it ships general merchandise. The company should as well have the capacity to scale in response to your growing needs. Reporting Reporting is key to effective management of your eCommerce business. Things that should be covered in reporting include inventory levels and performance metrics. Also bear in mind that a good e-fulfillment service must not keep you or the customer guessing about the status of their shipment. This means customers would appreciate the ability to follow the status their order so they can tell when it should arrive. As the store owner having this data allows you to make fact-driven decisions quickly so you can take your business to the next level.