July 12, 2024


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5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (yes guys, it’s less than a month away), it’s not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts. Every year, too many women receive gifts that would make most people cringe. We decided to compile a short list of gifts men should avoid buying to make this a special Valentine’s Day.

Bad Gift #1 – Kitchen Appliances

This is very similar to magazine subscriptions. Just because she uses something daily or weekly does make it a good gift to give on Valentine’s Day. As a general rule, things that remind her of having to do work like cooking or baking are not romantic to most women. Also, add to this any household appliances like washers and dryers.

Bad Gift #2 – Magazine Subscriptions

Yes, she reads People magazine religiously. But no matter how many People and US Weekly magazines she buys at the local grocery store, most women would not enjoy getting a yearly subscription to her favorite magazine as a gift. You can also throw into this category any self help books (see 5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in case you need to know why).

Bad Gift #3 – A Bathroom Scale

After further thought, a bathroom scale is way too narrow and needs to be expanded to include anything related to weight or looks. This would include gym membership, treadmills, thigh masters, diet plans, bikini waxing kits, gift cards for plastic surgery (Los Angeles women excluded from this one) etc. Even if it’s a product she currently uses daily, it still should be avoided as a gift on this day

Bad Gift #4 – Fast Food Dinner

Taco Bell very well could be her favorite restaurant, but it probably does not make the best choice for a romantic night out on the one special day of the year. We all know times are tough and eating at that fancy 5 star restaurant is not possible for everyone, but there are many very affordable that are more romantic than a Taco Bell. Also throw in here any sports bars where you can watch the game, unless she’s one huge fan.

Bad Gift #5 – Fake Flowers

Believe it or not, there are men out there who think fake flowers are much nicer than real ones because they are cheaper and they last longer. Well, I’ve done weeks of searching and couldn’t find any women who thought the same way. But I did find plenty who have received this gift in the past. So guys, no matter how many fake flowers your mother may have had around the house, it’s not OK to buy them on Valentine’s Day.

Keep in mind when buying a gift for her, it should not only be something she will want or use but something romantic. Avoid those items listed above and you’ll have a much better Valentine’s Day.