6 Cap Brands That Are Changing Streetwear

When we think of streetwear, images of hoodies, tracksuits, and trainers will without a doubt, always spring to mind. However, recently caps have emerged as the staple accessory to have in streetwear fashion. Whilst they were not always popular before, they are now exploding in popularity.

So, which cap brands are the forerunners in changing streetwear? Have a browse below.



Arguably one of the most iconic brands to have emerged in streetwear fashion. Their simplistic Supreme logo on their well-known red background broke waves in recent years, and now known as the brand which sells out their products within moments of reaching online. So, it is no surprise that their famous Nylon Pique Camp caps are all sold out (still). This brand prevails on reigning supreme on top of the streetwear hype.


Societe Noir

A couple of years ago, cap fanatics were hoping for the trucker hats to come back within the streetwear rave. And, it has in style! With mens designer fashion trucker hats backing this trend, it is time you get to know this brand. Known for their bold yet minimalist logos, Societe Noir knows how to attract their audience by mixing with luxury and streetwear in their clothing. This will without a doubt give you a fresh look whenever you head out to the outside world.


New York Yankees

Without a doubt, New Era New York Yankees cap is one of the most iconic baseball cap ever. Its timeless and modern design have stayed at a constant over the last few years, which shows that this cap is here to stay. Besides the other brands that are benefitting from the nostalgia hype, it’s only natural that the King of caps have found its way part of streetwear fashion. And rightfully so.



A well-known brand. Check. An eye catching logo. Check. Yes, Nike has reached our list. Its classic and minimalist baseball cap has always been the staple of menswear fashion, and now onto streetwear too. Sometimes, simplicity just wins since in this case less is more, creating more attention onto your streetwear look.



Of course Nike’s rival would be here on this list too. Adidas’ Trefoil and Classic Six-Panel caps have always won the hearts of many, and resulted them on being around for years. Adidas caps are always full of different colours in their range, so much that there is something for everyone should they look into this brand. So, if you want classic and timeless – look no further.



Seen as Supreme’s younger brother emerging from the skater roots, it is a brand mainly worn by hip hop elites. Known for their tongue in cheek and bold designs that is recognisable at an instant, their caps have also proven to be popular with their simple “P” design on the classic six-panels design. For now, Palace is a brand that enjoys being underground within the streetwear world.