8 best online shopping sites to refresh your wardrobe (2021), Lifestyle News

From the popular mega-shops for wardrobe staples to the lesser-known online shopping sites with amazing selections, here are the latest brands that can help you update your past-season outfits!

Now that we can hang out in gatherings of not more than 8 persons, this probably means you’ll hit the streets more often. And that means it’s about time you get out of that WFH pyjamas, and zhoosh your wardrobe with some new threads! Time to turn those heads, catch those stares and strut in style!

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1. Lazy Oaf: Against the grain fashion


What we love: Lazy Oaf is all about Keepin’ It Weird. If you like prints, graphic-tees, and irreverent clothing that’s everything but normal, Lazy Oaf has got the right amount of eccentricity for you. Based in London, the pieces really shout out to you with bold, strong colours and an attitude that doesn’t take life too seriously.

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency : GBP

Price point: ~£48 (S$86) for women’s blouse to £110 for printed overshirt

International shipping: £17

2. Lulu’s: Affordable luxury


What we love: With a commitment to quality finishing and a keen eye for design, Lulu’s pledges to be the site to visit if you want outfits for any occasion. From formal dinners to casual homewear, their pieces are very lasting and of excellent craftsmanship! Plus, they do wedding dresses as well! +1 for the BTO-owners to-be!

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency: USD

Price point: ~US$48 (S$63) for cropped cardigans to US$91 for bridesmaid maxi dresses

International shipping: US$15 (Free for purchases over US$150 with code WORLDWIDE )

3. Public Desire: Female footwear with attitude


What we love: We love the branding! With that couldn’t-care-less tone of voice, it’s enough to tell you that Public Desire has got what you want, and you should start shopping.

Tons of shoes in varying lengths, sizes, shapes and materials that are spot-on with trends, this UK-based brand is set to sweep you off your feet (and into new shoes)!

Currency: AUD, EUR, USD & GBP

Suggested Currency : GBP

Price point: ~£9.99 for faux fur sole sliders to £34.99 for perspex platform heels

International shipping: £8 (Free with purchases over £29.69)

4. Urban Outfitters: For The Campus Cool Kids


What we love: You know when someone’s dressed in UO, they are/were the popular kids in school. For those who have yet to hang up their school-bags and burn their lecture notes (P/S: don’t try that at home), Urban Outfitters is the choice brand that decks you out in college fashion, and gives you that preppy look you’re after.

And we don’t hate their lifestyle section either! Before you start shopping, remember to visit the US site, otherwise you’d be auto-redirected to shop in the Singapore site instead!

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency : USD (on US site)

Price point: US$9.99 for baseball caps to US$79.99 for tops

International shipping: US$30 (Free with purchases over US$50)

5. Grana: Quality staples


What we love: #PursueQuality is Grana ’s creed, and even though their pieces might be a little on the pricier side, they promise to deliver long-lasting staple wardrobe basics that keep you stylishly relevant. We say: This Hong Kong-based brand is worth it for the long run.

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency : USD

Price point: US$28 for cotton tank to US$205 for ribbed V-neck sweater

International shipping: US$17 (Free with purchases over US$180)

6. Fashion Nova: For The Kim K’s of the world


What we love: The fact that Fashion Nova has taken the world by storm is really nothing short of miraculous! But that’s also expected since its range is practically spot on with all the threads famous influencers are wearing.

Saw a dress on Kim K on #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians? It’s probably on Fashion Nova. Go ahead, I’m not judging, I promise!

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency : USD

Price point: US$19.99 for crop tops to US$89.99 for jumpsuits

International shipping: US$15

7. Lucy Folk: Amazing accessories


What we love: If the Queen B (read: Beyonce) approves, there’s no doubt in my mind Lucy Folk is one brand to look out for if you’re searching for statement jewellery pieces.

Sporting a range of timeless bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, they’ve also got a lifestyle section that really comes together to give that sense of timeless calm, peace and introspection. Perhaps that’s what we all need this year.

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency : AUD

Price point: AU$130 (S$133) for sterling silver rings to AU$395 for tortoise shell sunnies

International shipping: AU$30 (Free with purchases over AU$150)

8. ASOS: Staples for days


What we love: What’s not to love? ASOS is that staple online shop that has been around for god-knows-how-long, and it’s no wonder why they’re still around.

With its ever-expanding range that keeps you in trend, as well as their seamless return policies, ASOS has always been the go-to site if you’re looking for some trend inspiration! Plus, read our guide on how to save more if you pay in Great British Pounds (GBP) !

Psst… We also have a full list of ASOS promo codes available to use, updated weekly!

Currency: Multiple currencies available

Suggested Currency : GBP

Price point: ~£20 for oversized shirts to £75 for leather boots

International shipping: £6.48 (Free with purchases over £35.08)

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