Care of Hair Extensions – 5 Facts


 Many of our clients are concerned about how to treatment for their hair extensions using the sandwich system, ring extensions or keratin, and no matter if they can cope. Hair extensions require exclusive interest owing to the actuality that they are lifeless hair and we do not source them with all-natural elements as a result of the roots. Even so, you don’t have to fear that the added hairs will cause you far more function and complications. With just a minimal attention and heart, you are going to be able to enjoy the hairstyle you’ve often dreamed of. We will explain to you what to do, what to fork out distinctive awareness to and what to keep away from when caring for your hair extensions.

How to Comb Your Hair Extensions

A lot of of us cannot visualize likely to bed without doing a handful of matters. To acquire treatment of our enamel, we brush and floss. To consider care of our human body, we get a soothing shower and use lotion. To acquire care of our complexion we do our make-up adequately and implement a cream. To consider treatment of our hair and hair extensions we brush and condition them. This is the to start with stage in using treatment of your hair extensions.

This eliminates dust and filth from your hair during the working day, smooths the ends and helps prevent tangling. Start off combing from the ends and operate your way up gradually. Pay out unique notice to the seams, producing guaranteed to stay away from detrimental them. Use a brush with high-quality bristles, if possible organic boar. We recommend tying lengthy hair into a loose braid to prevent tangling while you sleep. Nonetheless, if strands do get tangled, below no conditions tug or pull on the hair. Gently detangle the tangles with your fingers and then use a brush to clean them out.

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How to Clean Your Hair Extensions

The 2nd essential action when caring for your hair extensions is to clean them. You need to have to modify the frequency of shampooing according to your life and the way you use your extensions. Nevertheless, we recommend washing them at minimum twice a week. Use delicate, moisturizing shampoos with no SLS, SLES or parabens that will not have an impact on the bonding and construction.

It is finest to wash your hair extensions in the shower. Change the water temperature to your liking – just make sure it is not also incredibly hot. Implement the shampoo to your hands and lather carefully. Then utilize the shampoo to your scalp and therapeutic massage gently. Work your way through the scalp, building guaranteed not to skip any locations. Then transfer the lather downwards, washing the lengths of your hair. Stay clear of circular and pulling motions, which can tangle your hair. Rinse the lather soon after washing and repeat the process when essential. 

How to Blow-dry Hair Extensions

Extensions really should be managed gently. Do not use a towel or a very hot air dryer. Just run your fingers through the hair and gently pat the drinking water out of the hair extensions with a towel. Having said that, we propose changing your standard towel with a cotton towel or even a cotton T-shirt. Owing to its softer texture, this decision will ensure much less damage to your hair. Wrap your hair and wait around for much of the drinking water to soak into the towel. Then, if you are in a hurry, blow dry your hair with amazing air. Even so, if you have the time, opt to enable your hair dry in a natural way. We do not advise likely to bed with moist hair. This can tangle and problems your hair much too much. 

How to Straighten and Curl Your Hair Extensions Utilizing Warmth

We know that your hair extensions and hair thickeners just beg to be styled, straightened, curled and braided. But be watchful not to overdo it with recurrent styling. Thanks to its houses, lifeless hair loses elasticity and humidity additional easily. As a end result, it turns into dry and boring a lot quicker, which increases the tendency to tangle. For our component, we suggest the use of thermo-active preparations, which present security not only for the hair extensions, but also for our strands. Just spray the solution on your hair, permit it dry and voilà! Now you can do no matter what you like with your hair. The second way is to use reduced temperatures. From time to time you can get unanticipated success by utilizing a much lessen temperature than the 1 you normally use. When styling with warmth, shell out distinctive awareness to the seams – check out to keep away from them.

Check out to dry your hair as sometimes as doable. In summer season, they are already exposed to a significant volume of warmth each day, and they are likely to air dry quickly in any case, so if you can, give oneself a break from blow drying your hair and do it au naturel. Stay away from straighteners, too, as they can even further destruction presently dried hair. In addition to, a smooth design will only accentuate frizzy hair a lot more.

Make a concoction of h2o, aloe vera juice and avocado oil. Have it on hand at all occasions to spray on your hair when you will need a small dampness and/or management. Another fantastic choice is argan oil mixed with water.


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