The Importance of Marketing for Business Success

Marketing is not just an important part of your business’ success. In a sense, it is the business itself. Every other part of the business depends on marketing.

As Mark Cuban – owner of several entertainment and media companies as well as the Dallas Mavericks – says, “No sales, no company.”

Cuban’s phrase is eloquently put, and it’s one hundred percent true. So here are the basics of marketing.

What Exactly Is Marketing?

The term covers a wide variety of different activities. But they’re all associated with selling the services and products that your company offers.

Among all marketing activities, advertising can be the most obvious, but it also includes consumer research, for instance.

Consumer search helps you had better understand the consumers’ wants and needs; while Product Design – another facet of marketing – helps, you match the services and products to these needs.

The one thing that marketing does not include, according to certain marketing professionals, is the act of the sale itself. That is the result of marketing.

Strategic Marketing

A marketing director job encompasses activities such as:

  • Determining the need for a given product through consumer research and competitive analysis (quantifying and observing patterns of sales of similar goods)
  • Creating products or modifying existing ones in order to match consumer needs and desires.
  • Figuring out strategies to reach potential customers so they learn about your products and persuaded to buy them.
  • Designing marketing campaigns based on your determination of what is the most effective way to reach customers.
  • Confirming relationships with customers through loyalty programs and follow-up campaigns.

Consumer Needs

Not only can marketing help in determining a consumer need, but it can also help manufacture one. It begins with understanding the potential consumer.

A well-known marketing blunder in the 21st century was related to U.S. companies trying to sell deodorant in China.

The failure was because, unlike most Western ethnicities, ethnic Chinese do not have a problem with this type of body odour.

Another contributing factor is the fact that the Chinese commonly consider sweating healthy; viewing it as something, that purifies their body. That’s a lot different from the common American way of viewing it as a problem.

Marketing isn’t able to create a need out of thin air, but a lot of campaigns involve creating awareness of a product as well as the desire to own it.

What is important is that the awareness makes people interested in the product, so that it can help shape a need

  • Some strategies used to create awareness of a product in a context that stimulates desire to own it includes:
  • Promoting scarcity. Apple has increased demand for their iPhone 5 by cutting off further shipments for two whole week’s right after announcing the release.
  • Developing a bond between the product and the consumers, such as announcing it to a selected audience first, then inviting consumers to participate in development or launch.
  • Interacting on social media, such as responding to comments whether favourable or not.

What You Should Know About Fire Safety in Commercial Properties

Fire safety has come to the attention of everyone, especially since the horrible events that have occurred in London. Within the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, there are relevant obligations that commercial properties have to meet. With that said, the rest of this article will discuss some of the most common problems that surround the Order and property transactions.

Who Do the Duties Apply To?

The responsible person is who the duties apply to. This can be either the employer or the person who manages or controls the property. This is in connection with them carrying out responsibilities involving taking care of the property.

However, it can be challenging to determine who controls the property when it comes to leased properties. Guidance suggests that both the tenant and landlord can bear responsibilities. Furthermore, if the lease is surrendered or forfeited by the landlord, then this means they are taking back control and this also means they are now the person responsible.

If the premise has common parts, then the management company is probably the one responsible for those parts. Tenants are typically responsible for the unit they reside in. This is why both tenants and landlords should determine who is responsible for the property.

Regulation 9: The Duty to Perform a Risk Assessment

Problem 1: It’s Not Clear What is Involved With a Risk Assessment

The person who is responsible has to carry out a risk assessment to which relevant people are exposed to. This can be challenging for people because the duty isn’t that descriptive, and the responsible person has to be the one to decide what is sufficient and suitable, given the nature of various factors, including the nature of the property and business. This can make things difficult for the purchaser or potential tenant because they will want to see the risk assessment. Consulting fire experts like TPT Fire can be extremely beneficial in these cases.

Failing to show a copy of a risk assessment to potential buyers and tenants can lead to delays. This is especially if they are persistent on seeing it, and many leases will insist that the tenant is responsible for compliance. This means they have to comply with relevant laws.

What Can You Do?

There are no criteria, but the government has laid out some guidelines such as: you should identify fire hazards and remove or reduce risks, identify people who are at risk and record all of your findings, as well as update fire risk assessments on a regular basis. Not only that but when the premise changes hands, the new owner or occupier will be the one responsible for addressing risk assessments.

Problem 2: Altering a Property to Avoid a Risk Assessment Review

There is no specific time frame to renew or replace a risk assessment. However, there are things that can trigger a review. One trigger is when there are material changes that are made to the premise.

Is There Anything You Can Do?

You can learn about the …

9 Emerging Marketing Concepts That You Should Understand Right Now

Fundamentally, marketing will remain the same, for the most part. However, the marketing landscape is ever evolving. The emergence of new marketing technology is speeding up everything. Moreover, there are new emerging trends in marketing that every business that intends to get its message out about their products should learn. To this end, we will delve into the top 9 marketing trends that businesses should learn about today.

1. Mobile-First Is Taking Over

We’ve said before and it has been said by many, the internet is going mobile. We cannot stress that enough. Consumers in the U.S. are now accessing the internet via their mobile devices more than via PCs. As such, this is a good time to have an intricate understanding of mobile search, mobile optimisation, mobile conversions, and everything mobile. Concisely, we are addicted to our smartphones; marketers to understand this and prioritise it.

2. Consumer Segmentation

Segregating the consumer demographic is an important aspect of marketing today. Businesses should, therefore, keep and organise their demographic data for better-targeted outreach. There is no need to send 500,000 emails if you do not have a clear understanding of whom you are sending the emails to. To this end, businesses should have a system in place where they can organise their demographic into different demographics. This will enable you to curate their message to fit each audience demographic.

3. Content Creators Are Critical

In an era of social media, everyone has a voice. Importantly, everyone can create content and publish on any platform they so wish. As such, brands need to hire creative content creators, developers, speakers from voice agencies such as Voice Fairy, writers, and producers to help them stand out. Beyond creativity, the content creators need to have an intricate understanding of the niche to be able to connect with the audience and communicate well.

4. Using Social Media Platforms to Distribute Samples

A study by Product Sampling Council found that over 92% of consumers would purchase a new product if they received a sample and liked the product. This is a testament to the power of sampling. Sampling work, however, it is important to get the product into the right hands.

This is where social media comes in. You can use platforms such as Facebook, a platform where the demographic information of your audience is already provided as part of their profile. This data makes it easy for marketers to target specific audiences and to even track future sells. Furthermore, using social media platforms to distribute sample provides the opportunity for consumers to share their experience with their audience, enhancing your brand awareness.

5. Brand Ambassadors Are Important

Brands ambassadors have become an important marketing asset. That is why more and more businesses are encouraging loyal customers and/or clients as well as employee to share their experiences on social media. While there are business owners who have not come to grips with this new form of marketing, it is nonetheless an important part of attracting …

How To Apply For Job You Desire

Finding a new job is not impossible for those who already have a job. This is understandable. Because, not necessarily the work that currently exists, matches them. Do you also feel the same thing? If you really intend to apply for a new job, see the following five tips, including for your CV. Read this tips from to get better chance on your career.

Select the same field

If you choose to apply for a job in the same field as your current position, then human resources development (HRD) alias HR will see it as a plus. You can use your current or previous work experience, to improve your laugh position. Thus, the interviewer can be sure, you are a candidate who is pursuing the proposed field and indeed has the qualifications there.

What if you are a Fresh graduate and do not have work experience? Do not worry. You can create blogs and posts to be used as portfolios. This is a strength of its own, you know, in the eyes of HRD.

Use special terms in your field

Use technical terms commonly used in your field. For example, you apply for a product manager position. So, you can include Scrum or Agile in a cover letter or discuss it during a job interview.

If you are aiming for a position in the digital marketing division, make sure you describe the campaign that you have implemented in the previous work, on every social media channel. So, recruiters can be sure that you deserve a position in the proposed company.

Call salary honestly

Indeed, questions from HRD about the salary in the previous office, and the expected salary you want, often create a dilemma. But believe me, honesty is the best thing. Avoid lying about your current salary.

Be careful, because HRD has extensive networking. If the recruiter turns out to know you are lying, then you can be sure, your recruitment process, later on, will face problems.

Post-professional photos

If you do include a photo in the CV, make sure your photo is a normal and professional photo. Avoid using various effects to make your face more beautiful or handsome in photos. You can even look unprofessional and eventually make HRD discourage you from recruiting you. Remember, using formal clothes, like a blazer, when making photographs. This is a plus in the eyes of HRD.

Avoid changing jobs too often

Dear millennial, job hopping or changing jobs is a common thing. However, HRD turned out to pay attention to your job track record. Including your time period working in the previous company. If you work for a long time in a company, HRD can see your loyalty in a certain position. This also becomes a separate consideration for companies to recruit you.

Well, as reported by, June became one of the months of the year that HRD was waiting to recruit new employees. Because, usually in February, June, and August, many fresh graduates actually graduated from their …

Efficient Home Heating – Turning Electricity Into Heat

Efficiency is of crucial importance when it comes to home energy demands.

The math is relatively straightforward; more efficiency in the usage of energy means less money spent on the monthly power bills. But the main issue with such standards is the lack of knowledge on how to make significant improvements that enhance the efficiency of your energy usage in our homes. Ensuring the lights are off when a room is not in use and even opting to hand wash the dishes instead of using a dishwasher may help, but what significant impact do such measures have in the overall goals?

A closer look at your annual energy bills will reveal that heating takes up a large percent of the much energy you consumed and have to pay for. Switching to electric radiators can be an effective way of making significant changes to the efficiency of your home heating systems compared to those of gas and water heating.

Electrical To Thermal Energy

Heat and electricity are comparatively forms of energy, and the world has various kinds of energy some of which are derived from other types. For instance, electrical energy is generated from the activity or reactions of either moving, stored or charged particles. From these, we get kinetic energy which moving electrical current, potential energy which is stored electricity, and thermal energy which is the heat generated by moving electric molecules or atoms; the faster the movement, the more heat produced.

How Do You Convert One Type Of Energy To Another?

Conversion of energy from one type to another is a matter that depends on resistance. The more the resistance in an electrical system, the faster the molecules in it vibrate and travel producing thermal energy, which often is achieved by the use of coils placed around a casing. It is why you find a coil at underneath your electric cooker or kettle.

What Has That Got To Do With Heating?

Electric radiators follow the same principles of converting electrical energy into thermal energy but with a twist that makes them more energy efficient and is the better option than water heated radiators. Heat from the standard water radiator comes from hot water pumped through the piping inside the radiator flowing to an exterior container to be recycled back again to be heated and repeat the cycle. The water will have to be continuously heated in a central chamber such as a boiler before it is pumped out into the pipes. As such, it will take some time before the entire system is hot enough since the water should be boiling and this means more energy consumption.

With the electric radiators, you do not need a central heating unit or water pipes or hot water. You only need to get a consistent electrical current from your power supply that the coils in the unity will convert into thermal energy and radiate out to produce the heat you need. The technology is devoid of wasted energy synonymous with the heating …

Things a Business Website Needs to be Successful

Having a website is something every business owner should view as a priority. Getting the best-looking website is only possible when working with seasoned web designers. While there are a number of website builder programs out there, a business owner will struggle to use them correctly due to their lack of experience.

Once a business owner has their site finished, they will need to start thinking about what they want to put on it. Focusing on informing and entertaining visitors to this site is a great way for a business owner to get the best content on their site. Here are some of the things every business website should have.

Informative and Keyword-Rich Content

The first thing a business owner should think about once their website is built is getting the best content possible on it. Unless a business owner has a background in content marketing, they will need to hire the best seo services in Singapore to help them out. An SEO professional will be able to come up with the keywords needed to propel a website to the top of powerful search engines like Google.

Most SEO services will have their own writers on staff as well. This means a business owner can get the content they need to have written by knowledgeable professionals.

Video Can Be Very Powerful

Another way to make a website optimized for success is by adding video to the homepage. Giving visitors to a site a clear idea of what a company does is essential. If a business owner wants to get a quality video produced, they will need to seek out a marketing company to help them out.

Video marketing professionals will start this process by helping a business owner develop a script for their video. With this script, a company can produce short and informative videos with ease.

Before hiring a company for this type of work, a company should do some research to find out more about their past work. The team at Appiloque will have no problem providing a company with the SEO help they need. Visit their website or give them a phone to find out more about this company.…

Loans and their benefits to be aware of

Different kinds of loans

Loan contracts are available in different kinds of forms with varied terms and conditions. Starting from exchange of promissory notes between friends or relatives to mortgage, auto or complex loans are provided by banks. Different kinds of loans offer different terms and conditions. During shortage of money you can opt for any loan. But before that one must have a sincere research about commerce and familiarize him or her with the ideal information to make your purchase more manageable. Personal loans are devoid of designated purposes. This has an advantage to most of the people who have outstanding debts and higher interests. The monthly payment of personal loans can be reduced while paying in long terms. Installment payments can also be done where you can pay it from time throughout the loan deal. It can be convenient for many people as they can find it difficult to give cash all at a time. Home loans are also there exclusively for the purpose of buying a new house or may be constructing your own resident. The property that is the house itself seeks to act as a security or collateral.  People with a bad credit status or absolutely without any credit at all can opt for payday loans. Payday loans are given on the parameter of employment status and definitely the income level also matters.  If the paying schedule is not properly followed then it has a chance of imposing higher rates of interests. The range can run up to about 2000% which is quite high. You should only go for payday loans if you have the self confidence of earning a handsome amount to repay it within the given period of time. Vehicle loan or car loans or may be a bike loan is offered by maximum commercial banks. The scope of paying the money in installments is always there within their provision. Agricultural loans are quite prevalent especially in agrarian economies and farmers buy seeds, tractors, fertilizers or other farming equipments. They can repay the amount once the crops are sold. Gold loans can also be chosen but the companies face huge losses if the rates of gold start decreasing .Before seeking any loan, the borrower should fill the application form correctly and mention the type of loan that he or she wants to take.  After going through the detailed writings of the documents, the bank can approve the loan.

Loan lender broker

While choosing brokers you must have a fair acquaintance with him or her.New payday lender UK can provide financial needs only but not a permanent financial solution

Mortgage brokers

This manager works for you and manages the procedures for you. He or she talks with different lenders considering your deals. He finds the lowest rates, negotiates terms until it becomes satisfactory for you and ultimately helps to get the loan approved. They have a good range of brokers in their periphery. They are not illegal but licensed and regulated financial workers. …

Modern Office Design: Expanding Beyond Cubes

Though its role is sometimes overlooked, office design plays a vital role in making employees as engaged and productive as possible. Up to 75 percent of workers are struggling thanks to less-than-ideal work conditions that negatively impact their productivity, engagement and innovation. Employees working in uncomfortable surroundings deliver job performance that’s less than their full potential and are more likely to leave their employers.

Trends In Office Design: Main Drivers

Modern office design trends are largely driven by technology. The rise of mobile devices and wireless networking, for example, has separated many employees from their desks without hurting their productivity. Greater schedule flexibility (again tied to improved technology) has also driven a new trend for office spaces that are suited to non-traditional working hours. More workers are doing more work remotely, including (but not limited to) in their homes. Offices are becoming more public spaces where long-term employees may be working together with contractors, consultants, and freelancers.

“A greater interest in collaboration and creative work and work spaces are also driving trends in office design,” says an office decorator at HL Decorating. Millennial employees, in particular, are interested in collaborative work. They’re less likely to draw strict dividing lines between work space and home space because of their familiarity with mobile technology. Work is something that can be done anywhere, at any time, and a desk is absolutely not a requirement.

3 Big Trends In Modern Office Design

1) The Homely Office

Millennials understand the need to put in long hours, so they appreciate spaces designed to maximise comfort. Offices that resemble university commons or cosy homes are increasingly popular. A fully-stocked, company-funded snack area is practically a necessity. This office-as-a-second-home trend also frequently introduces comfy lounge seating, natural lighting, plants, and gaming tables. A company looking to encourage flexible attendance amongst its employees needs to take significant steps to make the office an attractive place to work. Without a comfortable workspace, employees on flexible schedules are more likely to do as much work as possible from their homes or their favourite cafes.

2) Flexible Workspace

The space around modern employees needs to be as flexible as their employers want them to be. An office might require tables for small project teams to meet at and copious white boards to allow for impromptu brainstorming. “Break” areas for lounging and eating also need to be equipped to allow small-scale coaching and ad-hoc collaboration if social interactions turn into work sessions. Modern offices need to provide for a wide range of different work modes, from focused solitary work to large group meetings.

Modern office design requires a solution to the potentially-conflicting goals of privacy and collaboration. A sales representative entering into contract negotiations with a new client, for example, needs an isolated, private space, even if he or she is interacting with clients on the phone. Absolute privacy also needs to be available to all employees for personal emergencies, such as a call about a sick child. Multi-purpose spaces need to …

Trends in Office Design That Increase Workers’ Productivity

Few businesses appreciate the impact office design has on the productivity and engagement of their employees. Non-optimised workplaces are a reason why three in four workers are finding it hard to work effectively leading to less innovation, productivity and engagement to work. The staff work under cramped spaces making them underperform, thus, disinterested in their jobs. Few businesses appreciate the impact office design, including lighting in office, has on the productivity and engagement of their employees.

What Drives Office Design Trends?

Mobile technology is at the forefront of the trend setters, untethering employees from their desks and giving them the freedom to work when, where and how they choose. Embracing this technology has increased the flexibility in employees’ engagement to work, which has seen businesses allowing their staff to report to work at different times of the day as long as the desired results are achieved. Moreover, the technology creates an avenue for people to work remotely, even from the comforts of their home. As such, company may have its employees working alongside, independent contractors, freelancers and consultants.

Collaborative engagement birth creative working styles and this is another trend-driven outcome of implementing current and resourceful office designs that foster such outcomes. When used in tandem with mobile technology, the two will bolster the freedom of working anywhere, anytime. So, employees will not have to spend long hours behind an office desk; they can work from home, the park bench, coffee shop or any workspace of their choosing. Below are three major office design trends worth considering for your business:

1. Modular Layouts

Modular layouts are the answer to the ever changing functions of the today’s office spaces that have become increasingly interchangeable. The layouts allow businesses to relocate their furniture to meet their current needs without having to work out available room. The name of the game is multi-purpose customisable workspaces which completely eliminate the need for dedicated office terminals.

2. Home-Like Offices

Comfort is one important facet of working space that Millennials are keen on demanding, especially, if they have to work long hours behind the office desk. Therefore, the office space should feel cosy allowing the employees to feel at home while at the office. Consider investing in a fully-stocked snack area and throw in some lounging couches, a few play tables such as ping pong and foosball in the office, some plants and allow more natural lighting.

An attractive and comfortable place of work will increase the employee engagement even when the company is flexible enough to allow the staff to come to work, or not, based on their personal schedules. If the company does not make such investments, then the employees will opt to stay and work from home or the park or the coffee shop.

3. Multi-Purpose Workspaces

It is high time companies considered adapting their physical spaces to the increasing diversity of the workforce. For instance, a sizable conferencing table will be perfect for a small team of around six people …

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Tips

Identifying a Real Estate Agent In your quest for a good real estate agent for you property issues, there are many ways you can carry out this task. The easiest way would be to look on the internet. Apart from that, you can look in the local newspapers for a list of the most prominent property agents as most of them market themselves there. There are some of the property magazines in which real estate agents list their names and contact numbers. Directories that are placed in some of the bookstores present a valuable resource in finding more information on these real estate agents. When you are through gathering information on their contact details, you then proceed to make your introductions and scheduling for a meeting with them. It is difficult to gather all the necessary information over the phone, so it is advisable to set up a meeting with them. The meeting can be either on your premises or in their office. These agents are the link between the buyer and the seller. They offer their services on a commission basis and charge both the buyer and seller.
Smart Ideas: Homes Revisited
The amount of commission they charge is different depending on which agent is handling the job, and there is no fixed guideline to this. As a requirement, ensure you fully understand how your chosen real estate agent goes about charging their commissions before proceeding with the details of the project. Determining the best agent for you targeted property is a critical issue. When you look properly, you will find quite a few great real estate agents, complete with decent reputations and high recommendations. To know more about them, it is advisable to look through the internet or become a part of real estate forums.
Smart Ideas: Homes Revisited
In your search for a real estate agent to take care of the property in a selected area, you will achieve the best results when you focus your search to that specific location. The reason for this is they know that particular area very well. In their day in day out business activities, they have come to be in possession of good contacts from that given area. Getting in touch with a property agent in a given location is an easier process because of the advent of the internet. We now have good real estate websites which can allow a customized search for these real estate agents. Conducting a search will provide you with the relevant information about them. You will get information such as their name, contact information, relevant credentials, and years of experience in the property market. After a bad past performance, it is evident that the property market is on the rise. As a consequence, the property agents, have also become better at their jobs. For the best service guarantee, deal only with the best real estate agents in the business.…