How To Apply For Job You Desire

Finding a new job is not impossible for those who already have a job. This is understandable. Because, not necessarily the work that currently exists, matches them. Do you also feel the same thing? If you really intend to apply for a new job, see the following five tips, including for your CV. Read this tips fromĀ to get better chance on your career.

Select the same field

If you choose to apply for a job in the same field as your current position, then human resources development (HRD) alias HR will see it as a plus. You can use your current or previous work experience, to improve your laugh position. Thus, the interviewer can be sure, you are a candidate who is pursuing the proposed field and indeed has the qualifications there.

What if you are a Fresh graduate and do not have work experience? Do not worry. You can create blogs and posts to be used as portfolios. This is a strength of its own, you know, in the eyes of HRD.

Use special terms in your field

Use technical terms commonly used in your field. For example, you apply for a product manager position. So, you can include Scrum or Agile in a cover letter or discuss it during a job interview.

If you are aiming for a position in the digital marketing division, make sure you describe the campaign that you have implemented in the previous work, on every social media channel. So, recruiters can be sure that you deserve a position in the proposed company.

Call salary honestly

Indeed, questions from HRD about the salary in the previous office, and the expected salary you want, often create a dilemma. But believe me, honesty is the best thing. Avoid lying about your current salary.

Be careful, because HRD has extensive networking. If the recruiter turns out to know you are lying, then you can be sure, your recruitment process, later on, will face problems.

Post-professional photos

If you do include a photo in the CV, make sure your photo is a normal and professional photo. Avoid using various effects to make your face more beautiful or handsome in photos. You can even look unprofessional and eventually make HRD discourage you from recruiting you. Remember, using formal clothes, like a blazer, when making photographs. This is a plus in the eyes of HRD.

Avoid changing jobs too often

Dear millennial, job hopping or changing jobs is a common thing. However, HRD turned out to pay attention to your job track record. Including your time period working in the previous company. If you work for a long time in a company, HRD can see your loyalty in a certain position. This also becomes a separate consideration for companies to recruit you.

Well, as reported by, June became one of the months of the year that HRD was waiting to recruit new employees. Because, usually in February, June, and August, many fresh graduates actually graduated from their campuses. So, the number of job seekers automatically increases. Use this opportunity to get the job you want!