June 12, 2024


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How to Update Your Home Style

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Do you feel that your walls are becoming a little bit drab? Does your furniture cause you to sigh? If so, then you may be in desperate need of a home style upgrade. And there are lots of ways that you will be able to implement this to amazing affect; you just need to understand what a few of these are in order to get started.

So, with that in mind, here are some key ways that you can work to update your home style in the coming year or so:

Make it Open Plan

One of the simplest in concept but extensive in application (depending on the space you have available) ways to update your home style is that of open plan living.

Open plan living is very much ‘in’ right now. Open kitchen/diners, open living room/diners, open bedroom/bathrooms. It’s popular and can be implemented in a variety of ways depending on preference and the space you have available in your home. Therefore, you need to assess you space and whether or not it would be the right choice for your home.

Also important to note is the fact that choosing to make a space open plan is often permanent. Unless you plan to build another wall in the future, you need to be very sure.

Add New Lighting 

Lighting is important in the home, but it is also very often overlooked. Concentrating your efforts on updating the lighting in your home, making it that much brighter and giving it a new lease on life.

So, for example, you could install pendant lighting in your kitchen. This is hanging lighting which is dropped lighting, hanging from the ceiling either by a cord or chain (sometimes even a rod). This can be extremely appealing lighting for the room and helps to add a level of sophistication that other lighting might lack. Whereas, the bathroom area would benefit from spotlights in comparison to pendant lighting.

It’s important to understand the room, it’s lighting needs and how best to implement them.

Upcycle Furniture

If you’re looking for a project which will have a good impact, but will be less work, then upcycling furniture may be ideal. It’s relatively fast (depending on skill level), doesn’t require a lot of materials and means you can avoid spending lots of money replacing furniture.

Good ways to upcycle include replacing the fabric on pieces (turning fabric into luxury velvet furniture), sanding down wood and re-varnishing it for a different effect, even repainting a piece of furniture. Of course, upcycling in this way requires you to have some passion or interest in updating items. Otherwise you will find that the result is not as neat nor attractive as you actually want them to be.

Also, in some cases you do run the risk of ruining your furniture. So make sure you practice and know what you are doing beforehand.

Buy New Furniture 

Or if you feel that your furniture has truly outlived its purpose, then it may be time to buy new contemporary furniture altogether.

The fact is that furniture makes a room. So, if you choose to replace it altogether it can really have a transformative effect on the space. You could end up feeling that you are in a completely different house altogether, in fact.

So, how do you buy brand new furniture in an attempt to update your home’s style? Well, first things first, try as hard as you can not to buy the same old, same old, that you already have. You will just end up with new furniture, same old aesthetic. Make bold choices that you like, but offer something different from what you currently know.

Ultimately, new furniture can be quite hard to choose. So make sure the thought you put into it work in terms of both your style and what you want to achieve moving forward with the space.

Simple Updates: Paint 

Does the above all sound a little much for what you actually want to achieve? Then you may want to simply paint your space instead. A simple, but highly effective way to update any space.

And there you have it! A few tips for updating the style of your home in a way that remains true to your aesthetic, but adds something new and exciting to the mix as well.