November 30, 2023


We Do Shopping Right

I Am Up in Quebec Now

I have been wondering why there are so many shady looking online pharmacies in Canada, is it something in the laws that they have up there or the laws that they do not have. I have been looking at them, looking to buy some careprost in Canada while I am up here. In fact it looks as though I have to stay up here for a good while, until we get all of the problems sorted out with the subsidiary that the company has bought here. They bought the place because it was a mess that would not cost them hardly anything, in fact it was quite nearly like buying a place that was on fire. We have to put out the fire and then we have to rebuild the place almost from the ground up. It is something that we know that we can do, but it is not something that can be done easily and it is certainly not something that can be done quickly.

At any rate I had a real problem when I went to one of these online pharmacies looking for what I needed. It immediately warned me that there was malware on the site and it was a real ordeal. I eventually decided that the only solution was to do a system restore. Fortunately for me I save and back up all of my work on a thumb drive and I did not lose any work when I did the system restore. At least I did not lose anything which I was going to care about losing. I had been shopping on the web and the stuff that I had in my basket was lost when I got back to it. That was really not a big deal at all, since I found a better deal.