September 24, 2023


We Do Shopping Right

What Character From The Wilds Are You Based on Your Style?

As hilarious as some of the characters on Amazon Prime’s The Wilds are, there’s really not much humor to their situation. Being stuck on a deserted island and having no idea how you got there is far from ideal, to say the least. Fashion probably wouldn’t be top of mind for anyone — at first. But leave it to Fatin Jadmani to provide us with a whole wardrobe’s worth of glamorous outfit inspo. She manages to salvage everything in her suitcase and divvies up her designer pieces so all the girls can keep warm while they’re stranded.

As the episodes progress, we start to notice how Rachel, Toni, Dot, Martha, Nora, Leah, and Shelby all do really gravitate toward certain wardrobe staples, just like Fatin. They wear some of these clothes and accessories on the plane as they embark on what they think will be a weekend retreat, giving us a glimpse of the type of look they go for back home. Once they’re on the island, they tend to reach for their own clothing most often, and their must haves really become clear. Even though their style comes through in a less flashy way than Fatin’s, we can tell how these young women dress just by seeing them rotate through three to five items alone.

So, that brings us to the question: what would you want to be wearing if you were stranded on an island? A delightful thought, we know, but perhaps this shopping game will connect you to your favorite character on the show.