May 26, 2024


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Winter Menswear Trends

Winter is here and it’s colder than ever, a couple of trends are being seen on the high street and it’s always good to combine current trends with your own twist and whatever’s in the wardrobe. Looking at both smart and casual looks for the colder months of 2018 here are the latest style to keep an eye out for.


Usually, a common style to go for every year, layering up is practical to keep warm but also looks great. Pairing up oversize denim jackets with hoodies is a great way to show off the layers look. Going for a branded hoodie to help the look stand out more is a great idea when using layers, but depending on colours, a plain hoodie can work just as effectively.


2017 has seen a massive increase in the number of people wearing mens streetwear clothing. Wearing a matching fitted tracksuit is a relaxed but standout look that most people like, matching the tracksuit with a cap only helps the style out too. Fitted joggers are always a good choice if you like wearing big branded trainers, the cuffed leg helps the colours stand out and highlights the footwear.

Oversized T-shirts

T-shirts that link up well with the layers but are also a look in themselves. Wearing big tops under a hoodie of a different colour gives it a block colour effect that looks intentional, which a lot of stores are currently highlighting. If your not a fan of wearing too many layers, an oversized top and smart coat is a good look this winter, just a case of choosing whether you go for a graphic t-shirt or plain.

Roll Neck Jumpers

A style that has been around for years, however, the thin knit sweater with a high neckline are proving to be a popular choice in the smarter stores on the high street. The choice has been expanded and you’ll be able to see a bigger range of autumn/ winter colours. if you not looking for a smart look then consider a thicker knit that isn’t as tailored.


Not exactly what your grandad used to wear but still the same idea. Thin subtle designed corduroy shirts are a popular choice this winter and they’re practical too, corduroy is a warm material that works well for the winter months, so it becomes a tempting choice. Its been modelled as both a smarter style but also in a casual open style which is more of an over shirt look. Either way, the colours are suitable for everyone, darker more natural tones are the current trend.