June 16, 2024


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11 Emerging Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Keep On Your Radar in 2021

As the weather teeters on the edge of brisk and frigid and a new market of products and emerging brands present themselves as the holiday season has come to an end, we’re on the lookout for new Black-owned brands to support. If you’re like us, you’ve been loading up your shopping cart with the latest and greatest in the fashion world. We know you’re looking for this season’s top products and creative brands to shop from, so we’ve rounded up our favorite trending and emerging Black-owned fashion brands that are emptying our pockets and filling out closets. 

Alicia Nicholls holding a sign: Clue Clothing

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Clue Clothing

These brands put the creative in creativity with an array of products stemming from shoes, handbags, and clothing that will have your winter, and soon to be spring fashion hauls turning heads everywhere you go. Trust us, you’ll love these brands just as much as we do. If you’re looking to support Black-owned brands today, tomorrow, and yesterday—here are 11 emerging fashion brands to keep on your radar for 2021 and beyond.

1. Hanifa

hellogiggles – $209 Available at Hanifa

Although this brand was officially founded in 2012, it’s recently started trending as an emerging brand after having one of the best 3D Virtual Shows of 2020 for its Pink Label Congo Collection. After COVID-19 hit last year, leaving us scrambling for answers, inspiration, and motivation, this brand turned an unfortunate situation into an aspiring and creative triumph. Founded by Anifa Mvuemba, this brand evokes a creative and classy style while serving sexy yet head-turning looks for women with curvier bodies that have often been ignored and underrepresented in the fashion world.

2. Yaito

hellogiggles – $130 Available at Yaito

An emerging brand that deserves an abundance of flowers, Yaito is a reminder that anything, even meeting on social media and coming together to create a brand, can be possible. Like-minded founders, Carlton and Tulie Yaito, met on Facebook where their interests sparked an eventual partnership. Fast forward, the two are leaders of the made-to-order custom creative brand, Yaito, which as of recently has become known for its Knot Bags that have proved themselves to be a must-have in everyone’s closets.

3. Brandon Blackwood

If you haven’t already stumbled upon this brand, maybe you’ve stumbled upon Brandon Blackwood’s “End Systematic Racism” statement bags. The fashion designer created them in response to racial injustice and systematic racism in America, which just last year, turned our country upside down and successfully brought attention to an oppressive system for Black Americans. Since then, he’s made more handbag collections. The Brooklyn-based designer launched his first collection in 2015 and has since received praise from some of the fashion industries popular, such as Kim Kardashian.

4. Visionary Society

A now-fan favorite of heavyweights such as Diddy, this New York-based fashion brand has quickly become one of the emerging names that everyone should keep their eyes on. An emerging figure in the landscape of East Coast streetwear and fashion, this everyday and essential-wear brand coined the phrase “Father Stretch My Bands,” a mantra I’m sure we can all relate to regardless of race, creed, religion, or status. Visionary Society is a consistent reminder that no matter what, people just want to be successful. Opportunities are in abundance, and founder Diosdado Sima has made it his mission to create a brand that reflects these mantras and experiences into high-quality and comfortable luxe streetwear.

5. Tier

hellogiggles – $225 Available at Tier

Tier redefines what high-quality, creativity, and originality means. Founded in 2014 by Brooklyn Natives, Nigeria Ealey, Victor James, and Esaie Jean Simon—this New York-based brand recently transcended its original roots of creating its notable and popular essential-wear looks into now tapping into its artistic side with its latest collection, “Project 3: Joy to the World.” Tier has become a staple over the last few years thanks to its timeless pieces, but with its emerging and more daring collections, we believe it will continue to make creative and fashion-forward think pieces. As Tier’s infamous mantra says, art never dies.

6. Nichole Lynel

If you’re looking for a lewk, look no further than Nichole Lynel‘s eponymous brand for pieces that will hug your curves, waist, and thighs. It has everything you could want for any occasion in your life. Whether you’re looking to purchase loungewear and work-from-home outfits or are looking to fill your closet with sexy evening-wear, this emerging Black-owned fashion brand bridges the gap between affordable fashion and luxury shopping.

7. Nomä

hellogiggles – $150 Available at Noma

Founded by Au Mon while he was still in college, Nomä strives to embody substance with the intent to illustrate real-life experiences into the color, design, stitching, and mediums that go into its garment creation and production. Recognizing the importance behind storytelling, Nomä makes pieces that speak beyond volumes, celebrating self-awareness, success, achievement, and the pursuit of racial equality and happiness.

8. Embre Glasses

This fashion accessory brand has brought modern, optical eyewear and crazy fashion-forward looks together, grabbing the attention of creatives such as Rico Nasty and receiving funding from 2 Chainz. Last year, Emerge Glasses was granted the Money Maker Fund for HBCU Students, allowing founder Jarrett Raghnal to evolve his eyewear brand into something bigger. With the new resources and media attention, we’re confident this brand will continue to grow in the new year.

9. Random + Chic

If you’re into high vintage fashion with a twist of modernity, Random + Chic should be on your radar. Shayla Janel Hill‘s brand makes random abstract garments only once a week, with some of their most popular looks selling out instantly. This Black-owned fashion brand is made for women who dare to stand out and are ready to wear outrageously glamorous and reworked vintage pieces—and don’t mind signing up for newsletters or just plain stalking their website for new pieces. Truly, it’s Black Girl Magic.

10. Twelve AM Co.

This Black-owned footwear brand is one of our favorites—who wouldn’t want to strut in style, knowing that the creative behind the heel is a magnificent Black woman? The online shoe store started in 2015 when Arieal Lomack decided to create a shoe-topia for women who stan and live for beautiful footwear and understand the importance behind pairing a gorgeous pair of heels with an outfit that defines their style.

11. Clue Clothing

Known for its “Creativity” collection that consists of T-shirts, hoodies, track pants, and varsity jacket looks—Clue Clothing is a brand with multiple layers. The streetwear brand started while its founder, Anthony Telford, was enrolled at the University at Albany, and has since revamped its original standing as an outlet for his creative interests. Now, it’s a complex brand that speaks to its coined acronym, “Creativity Lives Under Excellence.” Expect to see accessories and high-end leather goods soon.

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