How to express your inner world with clothes

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Our clothing is a “talking” communication tool. It carries a certain message, which is used by talented representatives of the fashion industry, communicating with the world through their creations. So why not express yourself through an individual style, sending messages about what is inside us? Not for everyone to understand, but for the very act of self-creation, the opportunity to hear oneself and trust oneself.

An individual style of clothing is a way to pack your “I” in a suitable personal shell that communicates something important about us to others. When we buy things, responding to the inner impulses of the soul, we create a unique wardrobe, thanks to which we can feel comfortable in any atmosphere: both with loved ones at home, and at a social event. We can take into account the scope of the dress code, public image, etiquette, but they no longer limit us in our sensations.

You can make successful sets, buy fashionable things, but this only means that we are doing well with the “packaging” of the body. If, when going shopping, we “do not take” the inner essence with us, this can be seen in a number of signs:

  • A utilitarian approach to wardrobe configuration. We choose clothes, focusing exclusively on temperature (cold, hot), make an image in order to arouse interest or, conversely, not to attract attention, not to stand out from the crowd.
  • Chaotic experiments with style and fashionable images for certain reasons, and not for the sake of finding your outfit.
  • A pile of things in the closet, constant updates “under the season”, frequent purchases without pleasure. Moreover, every day we wear the same fairly limited set of things.
  • Large-scale or small changes in life that are not reflected in clothing.
  • Strong emotional stress, tears, discomfort in the body as a response to the realization that there is nothing to wear.

If you are familiar with these signs, you should consider a more thorough and deeper search for your style.

I realized that it was time to change something when I discovered all five signs. My wardrobe consisted of a huge amount of poor-quality, poorly combined, inappropriate clothes, behind which my personality hid. Nothing criminal, sometimes even beautiful. I only bought things for the closet, and not for myself. I was a little real in the wardrobe. The gap for future transformations is even less. Awareness of the problem was almost at zero.

Until mid-2018, the problem was “covered” by a pile of clothes for all occasions. I experimented with style, tried fashion trends. Sometimes she frankly missed the images, sometimes she hit the bull’s-eye.

At the same time, I really changed and developed as a person. I fell in love and really trusted in another, defended my dissertation, began to write and work with clients, overcoming impostor syndrome, became a mother. Accumulated a critical mass of mini-changes and put clothes in a closet, because she wore a little, but bought a lot.

She changed her hair color, went through …