September 28, 2023


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6 Award-winning UK natural beauty product brands

The Best UK Natural Skin Care Brands | Wander Somewhere

The reasons that people use beauty and skincare products are multiple. The question is do we buy skincare products because we need them or because they make us feel better about ourselves. People buy skincare and body care products to protect their skin from environmental and internal factors. With the ease of buying merchandise online, there are numerous online shopping services available for consumers. In the UK alone, the number of beauty brands that produce natural and organic products is innumerable. It can be quite a task to select the right product for you with so many options available. Following are six natural beauty brands that produce award-winning products in the UK.



  • Conscious Skincare


Conscious skincare is an ethical organic natural beauty brand that holds its morals very high. The products of this brand have won several awards throughout the past 10 years. This is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly company that pays attention to clean sourcing from their ingredients to their packaging. Their products are available for all skin types and range from oils and soaps to serums and moisturizers. Try their Rejuvenate Organic Anti Aging Serum and see the results for yourself. 



  • Tropic Skincare


Founded by Susie Ma, Tropic Skincare is dedicated to formulas that are non-toxic with natural and organically sourced sustainable and fresh ingredients. The brand offers award-winning, cruelty-free and vegan-free products which are serums, shampoos and moisturisers. Their skincare discovery kit is one of the best products to get to introduce yourself to this brand.



  • Fairfield Gardens


Fairfield Garden is on a mission to eliminate beauty miles. What this means is that beauty ingredients travel thousands of miles to become part of beauty products. But what if naturally, organic and locally sourced ingredients can be used instead of the exotic ones. That is what the owner of Fairfield Gardens believes. With this passion the award-winning, 100% Natural, British Lip Balm was made. The company encourages its customers to shop from brands that use locally sourced ingredients to cut down on beauty miles. 



  • Balance Me


Balance Me wants to motivate its consumers to create a balance in their routine through skincare. A balanced skin means a balanced well being. They used scientific-based cutting edge natural ingredients without any compromise. Their award-winning formulas are designed to solve all sorts of skin issues and their aroma-therapeutic ingredients are soul healing. Try their Super Moisturising Body Wash for body care. 



  • Neal’s Yard


Neal’s Yard is one of the leading and award-winning brands in the UK. Their commitment to clean energy and sourcing is commendable. Their award-winning products include aromatherapy, skincare, herbal remedies, bath and body. Neal’s Yard is a natural and organic brand that has worked tirelessly to promote environmental safety and ban microbeads and animal cruelty. Their Award Winning Skincare Kit is the perfect buy for your skincare routine.



  • Aurelia Skincare


Aurelia Skincare is one of the first brands of the beauty industry to introduce probiotic technology into skincare. Their products are designed to repair skin damage and promote collagen production. Aurelia Skincare has won over 100 awards on their natural and organic products. Their products are both for adults and babies.The best selling product of Aurelia Skincare is The Probiotic Concentrate.