7 accessories that every man needs to own

Every man either he wants to follow the annual trends or not, has to own some all-time classic items in his wardrobe.

  1. A pair of special socks

It is the most inexpensive and painless way to improve your style, a small addition that can bring about a great change, especially if your choices to cover your lower limbs have been so conservative and boring. A pair of socks with an alternative color or motif like the ones on www.sumisura.com reveals a person willing to experiment with humor and self-deception, someone who does not take himself very seriously. Of course this does not mean that it is acceptable to wear socks with cartoons but how we would like to see your drawer enriched with something different from the expected black, gray, blue and white couples.

  1. A hot scarf

Depending on each individual’s weight, this scarf can be from cotton to wool and cashmere – it is important to be big in size and thick weave, that is, not short and not in a miserable way. You can take dozens of different scarves, but it should be wearing it freely, in bulk, with your jacket or jacket buttoned over it.

  1. A backpack for work

If you work in a bank, the leather briefcase is a one-way street. But in all the other working places where you can show up with a looser dress code, what you need is a stylish backpack with many pockets to fit your laptop, external hard drives, chargers, your documents and all the rest of your stuff that you may need during the day. And at the same time it is a bag that can be filled with 2 pairs of t-shirts and everything else you need in order to leave the city for the weekend.

  1. A pair of colored desert shoes

Since we are in the middle of the Autumn-Winter season, it is good to choose a pair of shoes, especially one in a bright color in order to have the best option for any circumstances. If the pair is in a light color, you can wear it for much more time as it blends equally well with sweaters and T-shirts.

  1. A wallet

The transition from childhood to stylistic maturity depends on the place you choose to put your money. If you believe in superstitions and  the Feng -Shui, your choice can only move in the shades of red, as it is said that this color draws wealth .

  1. A unique pair of sunglasses

Your sunglasses are the protectors of your eyes . These two are worth protecting  and you need to cleverly choose the one to protect them. Apart from the very good quality of the lenses – something that lasts over the years , you also want a special, special pair that will not see it be worn by everybody. The secret is to make a research  in small companies, where they mostly create handmade frames of quality materials and sophisticated design.

  1. A watch

Whether you’re a trendy fashion man or a classic, vintage guy, what you need to worry about is the watch that you choose to be beautiful and versatile with your lifestyle. If we want to put it in other way, who has the time or the mood or the money to buy a watch that its style will be depending on whether he goes to work or excursion? So, look for a watch model that will aesthetically cover your needs and be suitable in any situation, whether it is  for business or just for fun.