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7 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs

02/02/2021, California, CA // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

What do women who are always well dressed do differently when it comes to styling? It’s simple: you have basics in your closet that can be combined with other clothing items to create a stylish outfit in no time at all. You can read here which clothing these are and how to create harmonious looks with them. Tour Jurllyshe  cheap clothes online  now!

Actress Cate Blanchett has it. Julia Roberts too. We are talking about a fashion style that hits the right note in every situation and looks as if the wearer has not overthought about her Outfit. It doesn’t matter whether such women wear a cocktail dress or a simple everyday look with jeans and a T-shirt: everything looks elegant and ladylike on them – just like fresh from the glossy magazine. But there is no reason to be jealous: With certain clothing items in the closet, you can also achieve stylish styling.

Wardrobe Classics: That makes a Good Fashion Basic

For a good fashion style, it is not necessary to pile up masses of high-priced clothes or to rush into eccentric styling experiments. The magic word for a stylish appearance is rather: rely on fashion basics. These are simple, timeless pieces in neutral colors such as dark blue, gray, black, khaki, or beige, or with a striped print that can be combined with each other and with other items of clothing. You can build up your personal “capsule wardrobe” around well-chosen basic items – a wardrobe with versatile clothing items away from short-lived trends, which forms the basis for your daily styling.

When buying fashion basics, you should pay attention to good quality and high-quality materials, especially when it comes to tops: T-shirts, long sleeves, blouses, etc., made of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, or well-processed viscose always look stylish. On the other hand, stay away from cheaply produced parts made entirely from synthetic fibers such as polyester: They feel uncomfortably sticky on the skin when exposed to heat, are often poorly processed, and therefore look cheap. For a high level of comfort and quality, tops should always have a high proportion of naturally obtained fibers – or consist of well-processed chemical fibers that are woven to allow air to pass through. When it comes to fashion basics, you can also rely on simple cuts and details that will still look appropriate next season.

We show seven fashionable pieces of clothing that should not be missing in any stylish woman’s wardrobe.

1. The perfect jeans

Denim trousers that fit almost as if tailor-made and put your buttocks, legs, and stomach in the right light belong in every wardrobe. When it comes to basic fashion items, you should choose a jeans pair without eye-catching details or eccentric washes, but with a classic cut such as regular fit, straight leg, or boot cut. Once you have found well-fitting jeans, you only need a few combination pieces for an elegant look – for example, a casual shirt and flat shoes or comfortable pumps with block heels.

2. The Classic Shirt Blouse

Stylish women appreciate the versatility of a classic shirt blouse. No matter how casual the rest of the Outfit turns out to be: Anyone who slips into a simple blouse is immediately dressed elegantly. When choosing the cut, tailored or oversized shirt blouse with a masculine look is a good idea – both can be used for layering looks and go just as well in your free time as in the office. When choosing the color, classic light blue, cream, or white is recommended for basic parts. A shirt blouse made from natural fibers such as cotton or silk is breathable and particularly comfortable to wear on hot days and can be paired with  stacked sweatpants  for a chic look.

3. The Plain Blazer

Women with a good sense of fashion have at least one blazer in their closets. Whether as a jacket replacement, with matching suit trousers at work, or for elegant evening outfits: a single-colored blazer turns any casual or simple outfit into a power look. A slightly tailored blazer in navy blue, black, anthracite, beige, or white forms a skillful break in style with feminine chiffon dresses and makes jeans look suitable for going out immediately. Details such as eye-catching gold buttons, wide lapels, or military-style epaulettes on the shoulders make the simple basic part (and the entire look) more extravagant. Investing in a high-quality blazer is worthwhile here – because a blazer is guaranteed to never go out of style.

4. The Basic Shirt

Whether short or long sleeves, with a high or turtleneck, round neck, boat, or V-neck, a simple basic shirt is part of a style-conscious woman’s wardrobe. In order to combine a harmonious outfit, with the fourth fashion basic on this list, you already have all the necessary items hanging in the closet: combine the basic shirt with  stacked leggings  and a blazer, complement it with matching shoes and accessories.

5. The Perfect Dress

Whether you are passionate about wearing dresses or not, every woman with the right fashion style should have at least a neutral but perfectly fitting dress. Because there are always occasions that require a few steps out of the fashionable comfort zone – a champagne reception, a company party, wedding, or elegant birthday party. Anyone who chooses a dress that ideally suits their figure and personal fashion taste and can then be worn all year round is prepared for all eventualities. Whether you opt for a shirt dress, shirt dress, shift dress, wrap dress, or lace dress as a wardrobe basic is up to you.

6. The Elegant Skirt

By the age of 30 at the latest, every woman who likes to wear professional looks (or who has to do so for work) knows: A well-fitting skirt belongs in every wardrobe. Classic pencil skirts are an elegant choice for business outfits and immediately conjure up feminine curves. Look for a solid material that looks high-quality and, as a pleasant side effect, brings your stomach and bottom into shape. Are you not bound by a dress code and prefer a feminine hourglass silhouette? Then a circle skirt in the 50s style is the right choice. In a knee-length or midi length, this cut shows neither too much nor too little skin.

7. The Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are important on a long working day or in situations in which you stand or walk a lot – otherwise, you will be annoyed by calluses and blisters the next day. But what exactly is it that makes comfortable footwear? The footbed plays an essential role in terms of quality and comfort: if it is barely cushione
d or not present in the shoe, the risk of blisters is high. Therefore, invest in at least a pair of high-quality shoes that are gentle on your feet and keep them healthy.

Shoes made of smooth leather, suede, or fabric such as linen and canvas are particularly breathable and adapt to the shape of the foot. Another quality indicator is carefully processed or glued seams that run evenly and have no protruding threads. A good sole is robust without being stiff and has a removable insole inside. Heeled shoes can also be comfortable if they have the features mentioned. A block heel is usually more comfortable to wear than a stiletto heel – and can also be done with a clear conscience by women who have never tried high heels.

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