8 Essential Clothes and Accessories to Look Like a True Gentleman

We see perfectly dressed men on the red carpets and we think how good it will be if we can dress like them. We keep thinking that they look so stylish because they have a team of people taking care of this in the background, but this is not entirely true.

It is true that they do have a team of employees to think about every detail, but unless you’re getting ready for the red carpet at the Oscars, be sure that you can pull out a perfect gentleman’s style without a problem. See some of the Oscar’s fashion here.

In this article, we’ll show you that this is completely possible. Follow the points and get these clothes and accessories. Make sure they fit perfectly and before you put them on you, make sure they are not damaged somewhere. You can be perfect, but a single hole that you didn’t notice will ruin everything. Follow up and learn more!

1. Shirt

The shirt is an essential part of the modern man. Every serious person wears one. It doesn’t matter what kind of occasion it is, you simply must have one.

Depending on the other pieces, you’ll have to make a good combination. Make sure the shirt will be looking good under the coat. Don’t get a winter shirt in summer days, but still follow the simple rule of modern shirts and don’t put on a short-sleeve shirt.

2. Tie

The collar of the shirt must cover the tie. Under the collar, you make a good knot that will be both secure and comfortable. Make sure the color fits the rest of the style. A simple principle is that the tie is supposed to break the pattern. For example, if your coat and shirts are black, the tie can be red. This way it will make a difference and make a highlight.

Sometimes, if the event is less formal, you can go without the tie, but if the happening is official than consider the tie as a very important part of the complete outfit. It often makes a statement and speaks about the person wearing it.

3. Coat

The coat is also a very important part of the entire outfit. It is the upper part of the clothes that never go out of style. Without it, you can’t consider yourself a grown serious man.

There’s a saying that the coat is being worn by the man and not the other way around. You need to have confidence and make sure you know how it’s done. The trends suggest the way to do this. At the moment, men should wear slim body fit coats with one closed button. Of course, unless the occasion demands something else.

4. Overcoat

Overcoats are the way men saying – I know how gentlemen of the upper-class dress. It is both useful and very stylish. Winter days, when it’s cold, you need something to cover you from head to toes. That’s why overcoats are made long and mostly under the knees.

Most people that follow fashion order the overcoats to be made by custom design. Depending on your body shape, the person creating them will make it fit perfectly on you.

Every city in the USA has custom shops for this. As one of the most traditional ones are those in Philadelphia. If you live nearby, try looking for the best customer overcoats Philadelphia has to offer. You can be sure that you won’t make a mistake. The quality there is beyond perfect.

5. Watch

Wearing a wristwatch is a part of showing that you speak stylish fluently. The watch is no longer an item that is telling you what is the time, but it speaks about your status.

Today, people buy and wear watches because of the brand and the overall look. It’s not important to have a piece that will tell you what time it is, you have the smartphone for that, but it shows the luxury, the taste in fashion, and of course, it adds to the image you’re creating.

6. Belt

The belt used to be made to hold the pants, right? Not anymore. Today pants are perfectly tailored, and they can hold themselves without a problem, but we carry a belt because it goes perfectly with the shoes and the tie.

Most of the time, the belt is supposed to be combined with the other accessories. The watch is also something that can make a great connection. This way, the overall look will be made to perfection.

7. Pants

The pants and the coat almost always go together unless there’s a need for making a purpose difference. Most tailors make them and sell them together. They are supposed to be made with the same material, in the same style, and with the same color as the coat.

Sometimes, the color can be changed, but this is a bold move that not everyone can pull off. If you’re planning to do something like this, ask for professional advice so you don’t make a huge fashion mistake.

8. Shoes

The shoes are a part of the outfit that you simply can’t do without. Still, this doesn’t mean you can put on a paper bag and go to a meeting. Even though shoes haven’t changed much in decades, if not centuries in some parts of the world, men’s shoes must be chosen carefully. See the history of shoes here: https://fashion-history.lovetoknow.com/fashion-accessories/history-mens-shoes.

As we said about the belt, tie, and the watch, the shoes are a part of this group that is supposed to be combined wisely. The color is the most important part. One thing is also unacceptable – not maintaining the glow and the cleanliness. A lot of men pay little attention to this not knowing that just a small mark can pull everything they tried into the river.


Following these 8 things will make you a perfectly dressed man. Men need a lot less attention while dressing than women, but it’s still something that needs to be done. Follow this advice and you’ll be great.