May 26, 2024


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8 of the Top Swimwear Trends For 2018

I know many of you ladies are in search of a new one-piece or bikini, so I would like to share a few of the hottest trends that I have seen in many of the latest swimwear collections, on Instagram and the beach. If you are still not sure about what type of bikini you should be choosing, here are my top tips on the latest trends.

1. Sportive

The sportive swimwear has become a hot trend over the last few years since so many people have started to live healthier lifestyles and workout frequently at the gym. Before this trend, the sportive styles seemed to be more popular with the tomboys and surf babes, but today you can even see the popular celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce wearing rash guards with long sleeves when they are on the beach. This type of swimwear has even made it into the gyms. However, I would still prefer to keep mine for surfing or paddle boarding.

2. Cut-Outs

A few days ago, I posted about the cut-out 1 pieces and reasons why just about anyone suits this style, but it is important to know that these cut-out trends in the one-piece also features in the bikini bottoms and tops. This is one of the reasons that the cut-outs are one of the top trends in swimwear for 2018. What I really enjoy about the cut-outs is the fact that you have the decision on the amount of skin you are prepared to show and do not always have to rely on kaftans. This is definitely one of the go-to styles you can choose for the summer season.

3. Crop Tops

This is not the swimwear you will want to be wearing for a tan session, but the crop tops are a fantastic way for you to show your personal style. In previous years, the crop tops were only available in the sportive styles, but today there are other options available like the macramé-panelling or mesh. If you decide on the crop-top halter styles, ensure you combine it with one of the low-rise bottoms to avoid making your torso look too short.

4. Crochet

When it comes to the crochet bikinis you either hate them or love them. Today the majority of the well-known brands made a few updates to these classical crotchet styles. To achieve a modern-twist choose one the bikinis that feature crochet panelling combined with other materials.

5. Choose Unique Materials

If you have the type of personality that likes to stand out from the crowd, choose unique fabrics like velvet, metallic or denim. Some of these styles are only suitable for tanning, so you may want to invest in another bikini when you want to hit the waters.

6. Macramé-Panelled Swimwear

One of the twists associated with the crochet trends, which is mainly applied to either the back or top of pieces. It’s a really flirty and fun way to wear swimwear with confidence when you are away from the beach.

7. Strapless One Piece

My loyal fans will already know that the strapless pieces was one of my trending topic a few weeks back for a very good reason. The one-pieces are not just reserved for the curvy ladies or new mothers, they also look fantastic on slim and tall bodies too. If your breasts are bigger, choose a one-piece that has an underwire that will hold your breasts in place.

8. Wrap Bikini Tops

This is a trend that definitely deserves a spot in the top swimwear 2018 trends and also comes with numerous variations. This includes styles like the wider and thinner wrap tops along with the front-cross wrap. If you have small breasts, the thin straps are better, while wide straps are ideal for the ladies blessed with fuller cup sizes.

So, there are my top recommendations for the swimwear trends in 2018. A few are new, while others are old but still adored by many. Yet there are still plenty to choose from when it comes to all shapes and sizes.