A Middle-Aged Man’s Guide To Styling Streetwear

Styling streetwear as an adult isn’t a simple task and if you dont do it right, you can look stupid. There are a couple of rules you need to pay attention to when you are an adult how an adult styles streetwear should be different to how a teenager styles it.

In this article, here are three essential tips which will help you style this wonderful trend. It is easy to get this fashion trend wrong so make sure you apply all these rules and you will not go wrong. 

Don’t Be A HypeBeast

As an adult, we do not expect you to know what a HypeBeast is. A HypeBeast is where someone will wear a fashion brand just because it is the hype at the moment. An example of a brand that many HypeBeast wore was Yeezy when they released their Yeezy Boost trainers. Yeezy had a massive hype around them for several reasons but the main one was that the founder of this fashion brand is Kanye West.

The last thing that you want to be doing is wearing fashion brands which are worn by teenagers. Wear brands that are either up-and-coming brands such as gods gift clothing or other fashion brands which are new in 2022. 

Don’t Go Streetwear Crazy

As an adult, you do not want to wear too much streetwear. For starters, it doesn’t even look right with teenagers. Furthermore, if an adult does it, they look like they are trying too hard to fit in with the rest of the crowd. We know streetwear isn’t an easy trend to wear but wearing too much streetwear can make it worse. 

With your streetwear outfits, we suggest that you have one centrepiece, which will be the main piece and then the rest casual. For example, wear a graphic t-shirt in the streetwear style with a pair of cargo pants and plain white trainers. Sometimes, simple is enough with fashion, especially with streetwear. There is no need to have every single piece as streetwear or else it doesn’t look right, especially on an adult. 

Streetwear For Workwear

Streetwear is becoming a common style for both casual wear and workwear. Furthermore, modern offices are now exploring ways to make the office environment more fun. One of those ways is by scrapping smartwear and going for a more casual style.

The question is, how do you style streetwear for the office environment? As we mentioned previously, styling streetwear as an adult should consist of one item that is streetwear and the rest being casual wear. The typical outfit that an adult should wear in the office is; cargo pants, an oversized t-shirt and a pair of plain/formal trainers. Although this depends on the type of office environment in which you work. 


As an adult, these are the rules which you should stick to. Wearing contemporary streetwear like God’s gift and other brands is the perfect way to style it as an adult. Once you wear contemporary brands like these, you cannot go far wrong with this style.