July 14, 2024


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A Walking Advertisement for Your Business

Consumers overlook plenty of marketing efforts out there. They are not paying attention when they drive by your billboard. They may skip all the ads when they read a newspaper or a magazine. One method that is proven to get attention is promotional clothing. Consider it a walking advertisement for your business.

Great Colours and Messages

Of are going to invest in promotional clothing, you need to offer great colours and messages on them. The colours that coincide with the logo for your business can be a great way to get them to engage in brand recognition. However, you can select any colours of the items you want. Go with something easy on the eyes.

The message on the promotional clothing needs to stand out from the colour of the product though. If they blend too well, it can make it hard for someone to reach it. If it clashes too much, it will be hard on the eyes. This is going to automatically cause the person to look away from the item you want them to focus on.

Think about what you want the message to say. You can keep it simple with your name, phone number, and website. You can add a logo if you like that will also further promote the brand of your company. Come up with some great ideas and narrow them down to what you would like to use.

Size of the Message

The size of the message on promotional clothing should not be overlooked. The size needs to be large enough that people can read what it says as they are walking by or when they are across from someone. They should not have to be up close and personal in order to read it. You do not want it to be gigantic though because then it appears to be an advertisement.

The underlying value with this type of message is it is subtle. It is not a direct, in their face type of marketing message. Instead, promotional clothing will let them know your business exists. It will also introduce them to your business or remind them that you are out there. Such a refresher can encourage them to make a purchase from you.

Reflection of your Business

While you do not have to invest much in this type of marketing, you do want the quality to be very good. Remember, such items out there with your business information on them directly reflect it. The people you give those items to are not going to wear them often if they are uncomfortable or they do not hold up well when they wash them.

You want those items to be among their favourites in their closet or the hat they grab as they go out the door. You want them to proudly wear them everywhere they go because this type of walking advertisement is amazing. Everyone in your town will know who you are and what you offer. Even when people fly or drive out of town, they can wear those items.

It is going to surprise you the distance your marketing clothing will end up going. You may be traveling yourself one day and see a person you have never met wearing a product that promotes the business you own!

Employee Gifts

A great way to get two benefits in one with promotional clothing is to offer them to your employees as gifts. You can offer them t-shirts, hats, jackets, and tote bags with your business information on them. They will appreciate such gifts and they use will them often. Each time they wear those items somewhere, people around them will take notice.