June 22, 2024


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Amanda Gorman’s Super Bowl Look Matters More Than The Actual Game

To be honest, I’m watching this year’s Super Bowl for one person and one person only. Sorry to the Bucs and Chiefs—and to Tom Brady in particular—but the shining star of the day is undoubtedly our country’s youth poet laureate. ICYMI, Amanda Gorman’s look at Super Bowl LV was just as chic as her inauguration ceremony outfit, proving she’s no one-hit wonder when it comes to fashion. We love a beautiful, talented queen who also knows how to dress!

I know I’m supposed to be focused on football, but I’m come on—two groups of guys all showing up in the same outfit? Talk about a fashion faux pas! And seeing as most of the (vaccinated!) fans in the stands are wearing merch, there’s little to love when it comes to Super Bowl fashion. Luckily, there was a beautiful moment before the game during which Amanda Gorman delivered a poem and basically save the universe, and of course, she did so in style.

Ever fashionable, Gorman was rocking her game day best, in a beautiful, icy blue coat with a metallic sheen, the best part of which was a jewel-and-pearl-encrusted lapel. Always a hair accessory fan, she paired the statement outerwear with a beautiful pearl crown (Headband? Bun wrap? On this queen, I’m calling it a crown). Gorman accessorized further with diamond forward-facing hoop earrings, a hint of icy blue eyeshadow and a berry lip that popped.

Obviously, her words matter more than her look, but I can’t help it if both things just so happened to be perfection! You can watch her poem in its entirety shared to the NFL Twitter account.

TBH, I was sure she’d wear the red Prada headband she donned at the inauguration—after all, both teams share red as one of their official colors! Still, our girl came to slay, and her poem was beautiful and moving. (If you haven’t already ordered her book of poetry, what are you waiting for??) Regardless of who gets the most touchdowns or tackles, I think it’s safe to say that Amanda Gorman is the clear winner of the day.

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