July 14, 2024


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Benefits of driving external traffic to Amazon Product Listings?

Well, firstly, capturing and bringing external traffic to your product listings is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. Secondly, it helps you expand your business beyond the Amazon and establish brand presence and visibility across platforms.

there are various reasons why driving external traffic is necessary.

1. Helps you to stay ahead of the competition

Undeniably, optimizing your Amazon listings for organic sales is always your top priority. However, the issue is that every competitor of yours is doing it too. 

Every day as we speak, the number of sellers are increasing under the “FBA bandwagon”.

The question that you may have now is how can you stand out in this competition. 

You are not only in a constant battle to rank higher on Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) but your competitors also tend to bid higher for sponsored ads just to make sure that their listings come on the top as well.

2. Increases brand awareness 

Another effective way sellers thrive and survive on Amazon is with their strong, distinguishable brand. Something, which separates them from others. 

However, the hitch here is that Amazon gives fewer opportunities to achieve this. Obviously, because they want to promote their brand first to customers.

When you build a brand, it helps you to distinguish your products from the rest on Amazon. 

3. Drive more traffic and sales

Driving external traffic is one of the ideal ways to boost your sales on Amazon, and it helps you to build a powerful brand image. 

If you are someone who isn’t ranking high on Amazon SERPs already, then, driving traffic externally enables you to boost your rankings as well as sales velocity. No wonder this strategy is amazingly valuable, especially for any new product launches. 

4. Boost your keyword rankings and BSR

So, here is a straightforward formula. High traffic = Increased sales.

Since sales velocity is one of the crucial factors in Amazon’s A9 algorithm, it frequently converts to higher rankings. This in turn, also boosts your BSR (Amazon Best Sellers Rank).

External traffic is like a supplement to Amazon’s organic traffic. Anything that you add to drive your listings is a bonus. Rather than relying on potential buyers to look for your products, you can find them yourself and reach out to them to generate sales.

5. Helps you to diversify your customer base

Applying the right Amazon SEO strategies and driving sales through them make sense. But, know that when the customers purchase your product on Amazon, they are not your customers. Instead, they are Amazon’s customers!

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In order to be successful, it is vital to have a sustainable business model. You’re not just there to sell products–but you are there to create a powerful brand. This can only be possible if you leverage external mediums.

6. Amazon might reward you

Most sellers claim that Amazon rewards you for driving a good amount of external traffic to its product listings.

Though this statement has not been proven or confirmed, it makes sense. When a seller directs traffic externally to Amazon, it also helps the company to gain more customers, helping the sellers grow and the company’s revenue as well.