July 15, 2024


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Benefits Of Playing Anime Games

Benefits Of Playing Anime Games

Anime games have in the recent past come to be accepted as a global phenomenon. With their roots in Japan, they have grown in leaps and bounds to reach where they are today. Anime is derived from Manga, which refers to Japanese comic books. They are basically derived from comic books. Kids are especially fond of them as they bring their favorite cartoon characters to life.

There is a wide selection to choose from. Enthusiasts are usually spoilt for choice. Some of the most famous titles include: Dragonball Z, Doraemon Fishing, Naruto Invaders, Naruto battle groung among others.

Now that anime games have gone mainstream with titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon, and Street Fighter going the anime way, we should assess the advantages that they bring to the table.

Increase hand eye coordination
They are said to increase hand-eye coordination. The action packed nature of anime games such as Dragonball Z requires that this coordination be above average. Players usually develop very strong hand eye coordination after playing them over a long period of time. This skill can be very useful in sports.

Boosts your imagination
They are based on fictional characters that do the impossible. This usually helps kids develop their imagination and hence increase their problem solving skills.

Girly Titles
In the gaming world, girls are usually neglected. Anime games have brought some semblance of equality to this space. They have a wide selection of releases that are basically targeted at girls.

Adult titles
If you feel that the available ones are too childish for you, a plethora of adult naughty titles is available. They are however strictly meant for adults so you should not let your children play them.

Most of them help cultivate persistence in players; as they move from one level to another, they get more and more challenging. This requires a high level of persistence to complete.

Compared to watching anime on TV, kids can control the fate of their favorite characters. This gets them thinking instead of idling at the TV.

Better Cognitive Skills
Cognitive health is greatly improved from playing anime. This is because players have to follow set rules, solve problems and make critical decisions. They provide good mental exercise that contributes to the well being of the person.

Reduces Bad Eating habits in kids
When kids are busy playing, their minds are so absorbed that they have no time to think about eating all the time. This therefore prevents obesity caused by too much snacking.

These games are easy to learn and quite addictive.