November 30, 2023


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Better Looking Eyes with Fuller Eyelashes

My eyeballs stand out. Not stick out, but stand out. I have a very prominent brown color to my eyes that makes them kind of glow. However, my eyelashes being so small made my eyeballs look big. Human eyes are pretty much the same size, but our facial structures and the color of the eyes can draw attention to making our eyes look bigger or smaller. Some people have deeper set eyes, some don’t. I can only make my eyes look good by having bigger eyelashes, and I used bimatoprost to get them to grow out longer, thicker and stronger.

My aunt has a slight bug-eyed look. I know that sounds awful, but it is because her eyelashes are practically non-existent. I gave her some of what I use, and within a few weeks her eyes began to look much better. She has the same eye color as me. She was very happy that I told her about the eyelash serum product. It is actually the chemical in a medication used to treat glaucoma. It was discovered to have a side effect of growing eyelashes longer and thicker. So, if you want long eyelashes, then this is a side effect you can live with.

I asked my doctor if it was okay to use it for a few weeks since it is based on a medication. The big concern was sterility, since it was going to be put on my eyes. So, it is important to use sterile applicators in the product only once. Never reuse an applicator. The risk of getting germs on the applicator and then into your eyes is not necessary when you can just use a new sterile applicator.

My aunt’s newer pictures look so much better. She deleted all older pictures of herself on her social media. She does look quite a bit different with the full lush eyelashes she has now.