June 12, 2024


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Bridgerton fashion is in: Why corsets, dresses and puff sleeves are taking over, from TikTok to major designer brands, Lifestyle News

Close your eyes and try to think of a fashion trend most unlike the current mode for luxurious loungewear. It’s hard to beat a corset, yes?

And yet, given that some 63 million households have now watched the Shonda Rhimes-produced Netflix series Bridgerton, which is set amid the social season of Regency-era London (1811-20), it makes perfect sense that interest in the tight-fitting garment has soared.

The series – which has officially been renewed for a second season, according to recent news – follows the travails of Daphne Bridgerton, a daughter from the prominent Bridgerton family and the “unparalleled” debutante of the season, as she strives to find a perfect marriage match.

The candyfloss escapism of the series has certainly struck nerves. For one thing, the series challenges the stereotypes of a typical period bonnet-com with its diverse casting (also, the series has done away with bonnets). For another, there’s the fashion.

altSouth China Morning Post.