July 13, 2024


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Clothes That Men Love On Women

Clothes That Men Love On Women

Do you ever wonder what clothes men really want to see on women? You’d be surprised to find out that it’s not at all what many women think. Put simply, men like a woman who dresses elegant and sexy, but not trashy. You also don’t have to spend a lot on your clothes in order to attract a man. Below are some fashion suggestions for looks that men love on women.

T-Shirts: When it comes to men’s clothing, it’s all about comfort. Believe it or not, they prefer the same mantra for your clothes, too. Men much prefer a woman who can look good and feel comfortable in a simple t-shirt than a fancy blouse. If you want a look that’s comfortable and hot at the same time, get an off the shoulder t-shirt. This is a big hit amongst men and will definitely catch their attention. The shoulder is a very sexy feature and one you definitely want to show off. This is a great thing to get in wholesale. Wholesale women’s clothing such as t-shirts can be found all over the internet.

Simple Flats and Sandals: You may think it’s the killer stilletos and platforms that get a man’s attention, but again, it’s all in the simple. Men love it when women look great in something comfortable. This doesn’t mean you should throw out your favorite pumps or not get new ones. But know that you can also feel confident wearing a pair of cute flats and a sexy t-shirt.

Denim Shorts: Whether they’re currently in style or out of style, tight denim shirts are high on every man’s list of hot clothes on women. You can find jean shorts that are flattering for every figure. Full figured women look good in dark denim with large pockets. Women with a small backside look better in lighter denim with smaller pockets. You don’t even need to buy a new pair. If you have jeans that you no longer wear, just cut them at the length you want your shorts to be. You may not feel comfortable walking around the mall or going out to dinner in a pair of home made denim shorts, but walking around the beach or at a pool in these sexy shorts will definitely get a man’s attention.

Office Attire: It’s not necessarily the skimpy bikinis and lingerie that get a man’s attention. Men actually love the office look. A pencil skirt that shows off your curves, a silky business top that shows a little cleavage, and a stylish blazer is a look that will definitely make most men drool. This is the time to wear your high heels.