Clothing sector continues to count losses amid pandemic

AMMAN — In 2021, the pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on the Kingdom’s clothing sector, according to Jordan’s Textile and Readymade Clothes Syndicate President Muneer Deyeh.

During a phone interview with The Jordan Times on Thursday, Deyeh said that on January 31, a Cabinet decision was issued to exempt tenants of municipalities and Aqaba Development Corporation properties from paying the rent, noting that all tenants should be exempted, especially those who were hit the hardest.

“The frequent closures and lockdowns affected all businesses, therefore there should be a general decision that includes heavily impacted industries,” Deyeh added.

“We hope that the resolution exempts tenants from paying the rent of the entire closure-affected period during last year,” Deyeh said, noting that they ask for rent exemptions worth 25 per cent of the annual lease.

Sales performance hit an all-time low record, according to Deyeh. The crisis, the difficult economic conditions and the rising unemployment rates have all impacted people’s shopping habits.

Setting a specific time of the year for sales and offers is a “smarter” choice than offering discounts the whole year, because then the situation would get better and sales would increase, he noted.

“Immediate and swift measure should be adopted,” Deyeh said. The clothing sector like many other impacted industries are going through an “unprecedented storm”, and in a situation like this stores owners are unable to afford to pay their leases, utility bills and salaries.