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Concern About Fraud In Crude Oil Selling? 2 Percent Performance Bond Surest Proof of Genuine Seller


Involved About Fraud In Crude Oil Providing? Why, for Customers, receiving the two Percent Performance Bond by the vendor is the Easiest & Surest Evidence of a Legitimate Vendor

Credible analysis has shown that, while practically just about every intended crude oil vendor who goes to a opportunity crude purchaser to solicit business, would just about Usually profusely forswear heaven and earth that he, or the crude oil he professes to be offering, is “absolutely trusted, reliable, legitimate, genuine, and genuine,” practically just about every Aim, CREDIBLE Proof offered, on the other hand, provides a completely opposite and contrary Reality – namely, that the overwhelming majority of these intended sellers and their features (in deed, up to the degree of 99.999999%, according to one particular report) are thoroughly phony, bogus, fraudulent or not genuine.

MASTERFULLY Forged & False Files ARE AT THE Heart OF THE CRUDE/Buying Providing Fraud Operations

The key instrumentality by which these fraudulent con artists and crude “sellers” function or perpetrate their con sport, is the use of skillfully solid or untrue paperwork. These fraudulent and phony “sellers” – or, at minimum, the greatest masterminds who originate and stand powering the scheme – are infamous for being master forgers and fantastic copiers of just about every conceivable genuine refinery and authorities agency paperwork similar to crude sales or purchases. In deed, according to experts, so masterful at this sport are these fraudsters, that the paperwork they give to prospective prospective buyers are often so strikingly convincing and authentic-hunting that they are commonly simple tricky, if not unattainable, for just about all but the most competent of document authentication experts to quickly distinguish from the authentic and genuine ones.

As one particular report by the Fraud Look at Global summed it up, “Victims [of this sort of fraud] are often confident of the authenticity of Advance Price Fraud schemes by the solid or untrue paperwork bearing seemingly official Nigerian authorities letterhead, seals, as effectively as untrue letters of credit rating, payment schedules and financial institution drafts.”

The U.S. Condition Department’s Bureau of Global Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, in a report titled “Nigeria Sophisticated Price Fraud,” describes the paperwork used by the Nigerian Sophisticated Price Fraud (AFF) or 419 perpetrators, as “official-hunting stationery with suitable authorities seals, stamps, and signatures,” whose good quality, it states, has “developed more than the a long time, from improperly handwritten letters to extra professional products well prepared on word processors. Term processors also allow AFF criminals to crank out extra letters.” It provides that the “AFF criminals include university-educated industry experts who are the most effective in the entire world for nonviolent impressive crimes.”

THE Primary Challenge: Inability BY Customers TO Verify SELLERS’ Statements & Files

The point is that, largely in consequence of the earlier mentioned actuality, for critical intercontinental prospective buyers of Nigerian crude oil, the single most important and most tricky and risky dilemma they confront in the open sector, is now often the verification and affirmation of the seller’s claims about obtaining an genuine crude allocation and/or its present-day availability, and the affirmation of the proofs and paperwork submitted by them in assist of individuals claims. For most prospective buyers, endeavor that job is often dreaded and considered as one thing fraught with massive threats and uncertainties that ought to only be threaded with the utmost warning, and the finest treatment and deliberation.

BUYERS’ “Chosen” Evidence & Proof OF CREDIBLE Vendor These days – a two% PB

Since verification and affirmation of this sort of paperwork from sellers are typically so tricky and dicey, most this sort of intercontinental crude oil prospective buyers request, therefore, to buy ONLY from sellers who can give them what they take into account the safest, most tangible, and most very easily reliable variety of proof and evidence of trustworthiness by a vendor. And what is this “most popular” proof and evidence that most prospective buyers would instead have? It is only this – the provision by a vendor of a two% Performance Bond (PB) to the purchaser.

THE Usual VERIFICATION & Confirmation Methods

In a word, the regular proofs and evidence of crude allocation and availability supplied by sellers to prospective prospective buyers, is often the provision to the Buyer of the cargo’s Evidence OF Product or service or POP. In a C.I.F. or F.O.B deal, for case in point, the normal method by which a intended crude oil vendor reveals “proof” or evidence to a opportunity purchaser that the Vendor has a legitimate crude allocation or crude offered to offer, is for the vendor to give the purchaser the Evidence OF Product or service, and the purchaser is requested to “verify and affirm” the authenticity of this on his personal, and, on that, for the prospective buyers to problem their Financial institution Guarantee or Letter of Credit score (or other payment instrument) to protect the acquire price tag of the product or service at supply.

But the dilemma with this classic process, is that for most intercontinental crude prospective buyers, the average Nigerian seller’s POP (an array of paperwork that could include the present-day loaded vessel paperwork, present-day Authority to Board (ATB) that was precisely issued to the initial purchaser (consignee) of the crude in whose identify the vessel was issued, Certification of good quality, Certification of origin, Cargo manifest, Vessel ullage report, Certification of quantity, Bill of lading, the Bulk Allocation Facts, the Seller’s Authority to Promote (ATS) from the NNPC, etcetera), is NOT reliable or quickly verifiable for genuineness. For case in point, the POP, which is, in a word, the seller’s major document that is meant to establish to the purchaser that the vendor basically has the product or service being marketed, could possibly be exhibiting that an operator of the oil allocation or commodity has possession of the product or service as of the distinct time of the transaction, say, at a sure hour of the day these days. But yet, there is no assure that the product or service could possibly not have been marketed to one more purchaser just hours, or even minutes, right just after that transaction, and that the commodity is basically continue to offered for sale or supply to the purchaser.

“Most prospective buyers do not take Nigerian sellers’ proof of product or service (POP),” states Sam Nelson, an specialist in crude shopping for and offering solutions and the creator of a primer on the issue. “As a result of this, they (the Customers) want a tangible (Physical) proof of product or service. The purchaser would request that the vendor inspect the cargo and existing a verifiable inspection report from accredited organizations like SGS, Q & Q or Robinson Global in advance of they (the Customers) will constitution a vessel for the transaction. This is because some so-referred to as Nigerian sellers have untrue declare more than products that never existed and they would forge paperwork to existing as POP. Nigerian sector has to be followed pretty carefully and all documentations totally verified.”

Nelson provides: “Make sure you do not give any inspection money to the vendor. Usually spend the money instantly to the inspection business just after they have gathered samples of the crude oil from the mom vessel for chemical examination to affirm the good quality and quantity of the crude in the vessel. Also, insist that the ATB (Authority To Board) from the vessel for inspection originated from the captain of that vessel. Do not take any paperwork as genuine if you did not verify it from the captain of the feeder vessel. Any documentation from a Nigeria vendor need to be verified
for authenticity.”


In deed, at present, the exact same dilemma of standard incapability to definitively authenticate legitimate crude allocation or availability, now pervades even cases in which “tangible, physical” POP inspection has supposedly been built. And some prospective buyers discover that even this cautionary tips by Nelson, that the prospective buyers ought to “insist that the ATB (Authority To Board) from the vessel for inspection originated from the captain of that vessel,” would often not pretty function any extra in quite a few cases these days.

In a TTO deal, for case in point, the fact of the buyers’ reps boarding the vessel to make an “inspection” or “affirmation” of the “loaded” vessel, is often no extra a assure that the transaction is essentially legitimate or genuine. Nigerian con adult men and 419ers who function in the crude oil market, have been regarded to function with fraudulent vessel managers and captains or con adult men disguised as employees of the Shell/JV terminal operators. And Vessels verified as “pregnant” (i.e., loaded) even by the buyer’s reps and his appointed SGS inspectors invited to appear aboard the ship on a presumed ship “captain’s” ATB document, have been regarded to be basically organized by phony ship operators and ship managers and “captains” and in this sort of instances the purchaser will only be having more than a ship and cargo with Faux Constitution Party Settlement executed concerning the purchaser and phony ship manager, with no Authentic ship owner’s approval and no genuine transport paperwork. And the moment the buyer’s reps aboard the vessel confirms that the vessel is “pregnant,” the purchaser pays for the cargo, will take more than the vessel, and the con adult men immediately split the money and vanish. The purchaser losses every little thing considering the fact that the genuine vessel operator never licensed the captain to problem the CPA, and the essential cargo transport paperwork utilised in the transaction are all just phony.

Nigeria’s bureaucratic quagmire

And you can find yet one more dilemma concerned in striving to authenticate Nigerian crude oil paperwork. The dilemma of the bureaucratic quagmire affiliated with performing business in Nigeria. 1 specialist vastly knowledgeable in performing crude oil shopping for business in Nigeria, put it this way to this writer: “NNPC Crude Oil Marketing Division, Abuja, is the authoritative source to verify the Authority to Promote document. But you will expend an infinite total of time striving to verify it. As with most Nigerian establishments, individuals use personalized connections to get this sort of paperwork, but that does not necessarily mean that they can provide.”

WHAT Customers NOW See AS THE Ideal AND MOST “Chosen” Evidence OF AN Authentic CRUDE Vendor – A Vendor WHO CAN Present Buyer A two% Performance BOND

In quick, the point is that practically all classic manners of verification and affirmation of crude oil possession and availability have grow to be severely infected and adulterated by con artists and phony operators to the point that quite a few intercontinental crude oil prospective buyers regard individuals solutions as largely unreliable, as well tricky to verify, and fraught with intolerable threats. And consequently, there has developed amid them what could these days be referred to as a “most popular” process for pinpointing an genuine and credible vendor of crude oil in modern sector. These a vendor is only one particular who can meet up with one particular fundamental need – namely, is keen and able to give the purchaser a two% Performance Bond upfront in a transaction.

What is a Performance Bond or PB?

This is, in a word, an insurance document issued for the vendor by seller’s financial institution or insurance business guaranteeing that the issuer will spend a stipulated total (a sum amounting, in this circumstance, to two% of the overall price of the cargo being purchased) to the purchaser in the function that the vendor breaches (fails to conduct) the terms and specifics of the agreement signed by the vendor with the purchaser. (The Performance Bond could also be posted in the sort of a Dollars Bond). The financial institution or insurance business which troubles the PB functions as the accountable “surety” of the bond

If a vendor contracts with a purchaser to put up a two% PB – and is able to basically article that bond with his financial institution or insurance business – the vendor is, in a word, guaranteeing the purchaser that if he had been to fall short to conduct his obligations beneath that agreement, his financial institution or insurance business, in their roles as the “surety” of the bond, will spend the purchaser a sum amounting to two% of the price of the crude being purchased, regardless.

WHY Customers Enjoy THE Performance BOND Guarantee

Customers love getting sellers who can give them UPFRONT two% Performance Bond, overwhelmingly viewing that as the “most popular” solution as they take into account that the safest, most reliable, most tangible, and most certain and minimum fraud-prone variety of proof and evidence of trustworthiness by a vendor. Most experts contend that if a vendor can supply a two% PB deal – and, what is even extra essential, is basically able to article the PB because he has the monetary wherewithal to do so – it is just about certain that the vendor will not fall short the purchaser in the precise execution of the deal, but will just about certainly conduct individuals obligations as contracted with the purchaser.

Sam Nelson, specialist in crude shopping for and offering solutions and the creator of a primer on the issue, put it this way: “A agreement with any of these bonds in put will be correctly completed. A bonded agreement has a larger diploma of achievements than a non-bonded agreement. A bonded agreement is a bankable agreement. The gamers have their money at stake and that is a good reason for them to conduct.”

And the Authorized Dictionary clarifies it this way: “The intent of a bond is to give an incentive for the achievement of an obligation. It also presents reassurance that the obligation will be fulfilled and that compensation is offered if it is not fulfilled. Performance Bonds assure for the satisfactory completion of a job.”

There are a couple of distinct bases why prospective buyers and experts sense that way:

1. Currently being able to article a PB is a indicator of monetary trustworthiness and skill.

To be able to finance an precise posting of a two% PB (which will necessarily mean, for case in point, at the present-day crude charges, two% of, say, $200 million for a two million barrels cargo, one thing amounting to $4 million), a vendor would have to have some considerable monetary skill and methods.

two. Economical Cost and Penalty Concerned In Putting up a PB, is a Effective Disincentive Not to Carry out.

Sam Nelson: “The gamers have their money at stake and that is a good reason for them to conduct.” In deed, most prospective buyers, on receiving the two% PB issuance from a vendor, would promptly take that as equal to POP and forgo obtaining to overview the POP.

three. The Ordinary Con Man or 419er Will Not Have the Disposition, the Popularity & Economical Wherewithal to Article a PB.

Robert Strickland of Strickland Associates, an knowledgeable New York dealer in crude oil promotions, states as follows: “If you are involved with FRAUD! ONLY legitimate Sellers that supply a two%+ Performance Bond are legitimate Sellers of Nigeria [crude oil].”

Sam Nelson, the crude oil promotions specialist and creator: “These bonds are required to defend the interest of the get-togethers concerned for needless losses thanks to fraud or entire carelessness.”

4. Currently being able to article a PB is a solid indication to a purchaser that the Vendor has presently been vetted.

Getting a PB is typically not an effortless or automatic matter. Prior to a financial institution or insurance business would give a vendor a bond, the vendor shall have gone by means of a rigorous software method, and need to have achieved a established of stringent monetary and character demands and ailments. Consequently, when a purchaser gets a vendor who can, and does basically, article a two% PB, the purchaser is just about certain that he is received a credible vendor, and one particular most not likely to be a fraudster or a 419er.

For just an case in point, one particular Syracuse, New York, insurance business requires candidates for a Public Development position PB to give them the pursuing items, amid other folks:

Surety Questionnaire Loaded Out Absolutely
Copy of Contract/Award Letter or Solicitation Letter
Small business Economical Statements (two a long time audited fiscal calendar year financials) OR
Past three a long time Organization Money Tax Returns
Personal Economical Statements and Resumes on all homeowners of ten% or extra
Work in Development Agenda (if applicable)
Coverage Confirmation
A. Workman’s Compensation
B. Liability Certification
C. Critical Man Coverage
Supplier and Contractor Reference Letters
Agenda of Done Positions
Financial institution Reference Letter
Organization and Personal Indemnification (GAI we supply)
Content articles of Incorporation
Corporate Resolution
Task Cost Breakdown and/or bid specs


To most prospective buyers of crude oil in the intercontinental open sector, receiving an UPFRONT two% Performance Bond issuance from a vendor, is the overwhelmingly “most popular” process for performing a sales/acquire deal. It is the solution they take into account to be the safest, most reliable, most tangible, and most certain and minimum fraud-prone variety of proof and evidence of trustworthiness by a vendor.

For numerous factors and factors, quite a few of which are outlined earlier mentioned, most prospective buyers and experts think that if a vendor can supply a two% PB deal – and, what is even extra essential, is basically able to article the PB because he has the monetary wherewithal to do so – it is just about certain that the vendor will not fall short the purchaser in the precise execution of the deal, but will just about certainly conduct his personal obligations as contracted with the purchaser. Consequently, in a deal of that variety the purchaser has little or almost nothing to be concerned about about a opportunity hazard of fraud or scam. In consequence, prospective buyers love getting sellers who can give them – who can basically article – a two% PB, and take into account that to be the most effective evidence and assurance of obtaining a credible vendor, and one particular most not likely to not conduct the agreement, or to be a fraudster or a 419er

Be aware: As with quite a few issues about quite a few a Nigerian crude vendor, it is really one particular matter for a vendor to declare to a purchaser that he’ll article the PB, but pretty one more matter altogether for the vendor to be able to basically do it, or to basically do it!),.

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