April 19, 2024


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Dart Games – Play Something Other than 301 or Cricket for a Change!

If you play darts regularly, or even if you have played darts only a few times, you likely already know the games of 301 (and its variations) and variations of Cricket. But perhaps it is about time that you learned how to play a new game, learn some new skills.

Here are a few dart games that you may or may not have already played, but are definitely worth playing. Why not switch up your game a bit with a few of these different dart games?

All Five

This game is most definitely for more advanced players. In every round, each player must score a total that is divisible by 5. An additional point can be added for however many times the number 5 divides into their total score. For instance, if a player got a 4, 3, and 8 for a total of 15, he will get 3 points (5 goes into 15 three times). First to 51 wins.

The player will receive no points at all if at the end of the round (three darts), his score total is not divisible by five. Also, there will be no trickery in this game – if the first 2 darts create a score that is divisible by 5 and then the third dart misses, the player cannot get any points.

Nine Dart Century

You know how on the Price Is Right, contestants want to guess the price of something as close as possible without going over? Well, nine dart century is similar – in a way. Each player gets 9 darts (three turns worth) to score 100, or to get as close to 100 without going over (hence the Price Is Right reference). If you go over 100, you are out of the game.

To make sure that there are no purposeful misses, any dart that lands outside of the scoring area not only must be thrown again, but also brings the player’s score back down to zero so that he must start again. (One that bounces out is not penalized and no points are counted for it).


For this game, every player needs to go around the board from 1 to 20, ending with the bullseye. For each number, the player can throw three darts. The highest score wins. If this game is not already difficult enough, you can make it more difficult by playing with the double and triple.

These three dart games are only a few of the many other dart games out there. Why not switch it up? Why not add a little sugar to your coffee or play a different dart game besides 301 or Cricket?