June 12, 2024


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Shopping for high-quality hair extensions online often feels daunting, especially when you are searching for real or “virgin” hair. Knowing what to look for when browsing for quality hair extensions ultimately helps to save time and money while guaranteeing your satisfaction regardless of the style of hair you have your heart set on.


Types of Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are some of the most popular types of hair extensions available worldwide today. With virgin hair extensions, the hair itself is made from 100% human hair, giving the extensions a pure, realistic, and attractive look. The hair itself is soft, sleek, and lush, adding to the overall appeal of the piece. Using virgin hair extensions is optimal for those who are interested in wearing hairpieces that last a minimum of one year.

Clip-in extensions are also extremely popular and allow you to wear additional pieces of hair with your natural hair or an entirely new look. Clip-in extensions provide freedom and flexibility when creating a new look and style, whether you prefer longer extensions or if you simply want to add more volume to your current hairstyle. While most clip-in extensions are made from synthetic hair, there are also clip-in products that use virgin and 100% human hair for an additional cost.

Russian tape is an entirely new style of hair extensions, popularized in the country of Russia itself. Russian tapes are removable and reusable hair extensions that are easily applied and removed without hassle. The extensions use Russian hair to provide a sleek and glamorous experience for those who are in need of a quick hairstyle with minimal effort.



Before you purchase an expensive hair extensions wig or set, determine the color that is optimal for your current hair color and the style you desire for yourself. If you are unsure of the color you want to wear, order a color sample or choose to utilize a “color matching” feature which is available online prior to placing your order. Samples are also ideal if you are curious to learn more about virgin hair, Russian tapes, and even clip-in extensions if you do not have any previous experience with using hair extensions yourself. Become familiar with a variety of hair extensions styles and types to feel confident when choosing a hairpiece or style that is true to your own style and sense of fashion.

When choosing a provider that is right for your hair extensions, search for a solution that offers a free color sample guide. Once you receive your color samples it is much easier to determine which hair extension colors are right for you or the look you desire for yourself. Without a color sample in front of you, computer monitors or smartphone screens have the ability to distort the hair extensions “true colors”, which may lead to disappointment if you choose to place an order before testing the color itself beforehand.


Reviews and Testimonials

One of the perks of ordering hair extensions online is the ability to read reviews and customer testimonials from individuals who have real-life experience with the products you are most interested in. Reading real testimonials provides in-depth insight into the overall quality of hair extensions along with durability and aesthetic, helping in the decision-making process before making a purchase yourself. Gather information and details regarding the products you are most interested in to make an informed purchase that you feel confident in when checking out.


Exchanges and Returns

Before choosing a hair extension provider, review the terms and conditions regarding exchanges and returns. Only use suppliers that offer exchanges and the ability to receive refunds if you are unsatisfied with your purchase or if your hair extensions arrive broken, damaged, or improperly manufactured.

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