June 22, 2024


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Enhance Your Beauty With Mesmerising Silver Jewellery

Jewellery has always enchanted women. Be it in the Stone Age when stones and animal bones were used to make jewellery or today when countless materials are used in making jewellery to suit almost all parts of the body. Jewellery has been adorning women since ages and it doesn’t look like it is ever going to go out of fashion. It is because; jewellery greatly enhances the beauty of a woman and adds to her grace. Also jewellery that goes well makes a dress look complete. Not only women, even men love a good piece of jewellery like rings, chains, etc.

Though a variety of metals, including alloys of various metals have been used to make jewellery, modern jewellery usually includes gold, white gold, platinum, palladium, titanium and silver. Of these metals, silver and gold have always remained hugely popular. The lustre, strength and affordability of silver make it one of the most widely used and demanded metal for jewellery and also for many other items like artefacts. The pure white lustre of silver is unique on its own and goes well with all dresses. Owing to its malleability it can be crafted to give it intricate designs. Silver can easily be used with other crystals and precious stones to create a variety of designs. Diamond and silver make a wonderful combination to create a simple, elegant piece of jewellery that can be worn with anything. Zirconium can also be used in place of diamond which makes it more affordable. Apart from diamond, other crystals of different colours can be used to make a beautiful combination to match a particular dress. Gems and stones impart their own colour to give a unique look to the jewellery.

Silver can be given a different look by working on it. While polished silver is popular, it can also be oxidised, chiselled and textured. It can also be given finishes by using various techniques like high polish, satin, brushed and hammered to create different effects to suit different styles of jewellery. It can be given an antique look or a modern, trendy and elegant look, as desired. Silver is used in all kinds of jewellery ranging from earrings, pendants, chains, rings to heavy necklaces. It ranges from traditional designs to most contemporary ornaments. Silver being more affordable than other metals, it can be used for jewellery for regular use unlike white gold which is far more expensive.

While purity is an essential feature of jewellery, pure silver is not suitable for jewellery as it is very soft. Hence it is mixed with some other metal like copper to make it durable. For getting the best quality silver, it is wise to check with the company regarding the purity of silver used in the jewellery. It is possible to check a variety of jewellery designs available online and take your pick. All you need is to search for silver jewellery UK and you will have a range of options right there in front of you. So you can choose a beautiful piece of silver jewellery to enhance your charm for every occasion.