December 1, 2022


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Essential Things to Consider when buying a waterproof fanny pack for swimming

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In current times, a waterproof fanny pack is both fashionable and functional. It can safely store your valuables and keep them dry in situations involving you being in or around water, such as swimming. In addition, the fanny pack has been trending the fashion world of late, which means that your functional pouch will not spoil your outfit. However, there are many things to consider before buying a waterproof fanny pack to get the best deal at the best price – the first is the retailer you buy it from. Unfortunately, many unreliable retailers have taken advantage of the resurgence of fanny packs and have begun to sell illegitimate, substandard products. To ensure legitimacy, you should look up the reviews of a retailer on an online reviewing platform. For example, you can look up the thoughts of belle and bloom. In addition, some reviewers may review what you may be looking for – waterproof fanny packs for swimming.

The Material it’s Made From

Let’s be frank – a cloth fanny pack will not be waterproof, no matter how thick it is. So you need your fanny pack to be made of a durable, water-resistant material if you expect your valuables to stay dry while the fanny pack is splashed or submerged. Some excellent materials to keep an eye out for are vinyl and polymer. These materials are durable, water-resistant, and can be see-through or opaque. However, vinyl and polymer may not be the best options if you carry a sharp object, as they are susceptible to tearing and piercing. Instead, look for nylon fanny packs that are knife-resistant. These fanny packs especially come in handy if you are fishing.

The Size and Number of Compartments

The size of your fanny pack determines what you can carry. More miniature fanny packs may fit your phone, while larger fanny packs could make you the life of the pool party, as you could take everyone’s phones, snacks, and sunglasses. However, using a larger fanny pack does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, a large fanny pack full of stuff may weigh you down and restrict your movement, which means you may not get to the ball in time during a water polo game and run the risk of letting your team down. Furthermore, a large fanny pack, especially in the wrong color, may make you look uncool, depending on who you’re with. But if you value function over form, get a sizeable waterproof fanny pack with lots of compartments so you can easily arrange your valuables.

The Design

You’re spoilt for choice in this category. Since fanny packs began to be trendy again in the late 2010s, many companies and brands have released various fresh designs and interpretations of standard fanny packs and waterproof fanny packs. Waterproof fanny packs are more limited in terms of design when compared to regular fanny packs. However, you can still choose many exciting colors and patterns, even for translucent fanny packs.