Experts Share Design Elements That Are Essential in Your Office

One of the most important aspects to the success of your company is the office design. “In order to get it right, it is best to consult with professionals. Having a good office design will solve many issues, however, a great design can do even more” proclaims a design expert at HL Decorating. When an office is designed to give the workforce various environments for their tasks throughout the day, it helps to get them excited and stay focused and invigorated.

1) There is no such thing as having too much light or space in the office.

When there is a lack of natural light in the office it has a negative impact on the amount of productivity and moods. So it is in the best interest of your company and your employees to let the sun shine in. Natural lighting is one of the most overlooked factors in office design, yet it needs to be a major priority when considering layout and design. There have been countless studies that have shown how productivity can improve with natural lighting. In addition, our eyes have the ability to work with the various levels of the sun, as opposed to the harsh levels of artificial office lighting. Natural lighting has the ability to reduce eye fatigue and headaches that plague so many office workers.

In order to improve the amount of natural lighting in the office, consider tearing down conventional interior walls and installing glass walls for offices as well as benching desks.

2) Employ the Use of Break-Out Spaces

Break-out spaces need to be considered more than just an area where employees can eat lunch or grab a quick snack, they need to be an area of comfort away from the desk. Break-out spaces should be an area for creativity, informal chats and just time away from the desk. These spaces are designed to take away the barriers of the office where all the focus needs to be on work. Having a casual area designed for informal meetings allows employees the opportunity to relax and share ideas. Some of the best ideas can come from inspiring casual areas.

3) Clean Offices Are Essential

It is absolutely essential that the office remains organised and tidy. One chaotic day can turn even the neatest of offices into a war zone. Having bins at each desk allow for employees to keep their workspace free of clutter and trash. This will also encourage the act of recycling.

However, if there is no storage space in the issue, this is all going to be for nothing. Many companies do not even consider the need for storage until it is too late. In fact, most employees complain most about the lack of storage, only after the temperature! When you are creating an office design, be sure to add much-needed storage space.

4) Choose the Right Furniture

An office chair may not be considered one of the most important elements of the office design, yet that is where the majority of employees will be all day long. Once they have been at their desks for months at end will they begin to feel the effects of a badly designed chair. It is important not to skimp on the furniture. Having cheap chairs will cause back pain, which will lead to a less efficient office. In addition, a movable monitor arm allows the employee to place the screen level at eye level which helps to reduce neck pain. Finally, a good desk will keep the spaghetti cables from getting underfoot and tangled.

5) Branding the Office Space

While most offices will brand their stationary, they never once considering branding the office. Branding should not just be done with websites and business cards. It needs to continue through the rest of the business including the office design. It needs to surround the employees and be able to speak to clients. It needs to be in every aspect of the environment. This does not simply mean to coordinate wallpaper and wall art but convey a basic message about who you are in the design.

One final touch is also needed and that is a professional logo. Having your logo placed firmly on the wall create an interesting visual element. Use factors of your brand while developing the colours and style.

The physical look of your office has the ability to create and send a message to your clients and employees. Be sure that time is taken to incorporate all of the right elements to ensure that your true message is getting across.