September 24, 2023


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Fashion Designer Dubbed The ‘Best Boss In The World’ For Her Generosity

Whether you’re thanked for your efforts, bought a coffee or given a day off – it’s always good to know you’re valued in the workplace but one fashion designer goes above and beyond spoiling her staff with designer clothes and fancy dinners.

Abby Kheir, owns Australian brand Abyss by Abby, and has been branded ‘the best boss in the world’ because of her generosity.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

The 42-year-old told Daily Mail Australia that she is grateful for the women who work alongside her and likes to shower them with expensive gifts so they feel appreciated.

These include things such as first class flights, lavish dinners and spa days.

She explained: “It’s really important to me that my staff are happy at work and feel valued, included and appreciated. I work very closely with them and I respect and admire each one of them immensely.

“I gave my personal assistant a big birthday dinner in Los Angeles while on a work trip. After she told me no one has ever celebrated her birthday in her family I wanted her to feel special.

“I also gifted her her first designer bag and designer shoes – as well as interstate travel in the US also Cabo, Vegas. As long as she is employed by me, I intend to make up for all the birthdays she missed.”

Credit: Instagram/abby.kheir
Credit: Instagram/abby.kheir

There’s method in her madness as well because Abby went on to say: “When people are happy, they are more creative, more focused, more customer oriented, more innovative.”

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sses at the Birmingham-based company let staff spend working days jet-skiing or enjoying spa treatments at exotic locations, with partners, friends and siblings even allowed to get in on the trips.

This resulted in co-founders Mike Bandar and James Vardy being dubbed ‘Britain’s Best Bosses’ for treating staff members to lavish getaways and allowing them to work wherever they like.

In February 2019, they flew all nine of their employees for a month-long five-star holiday to Goa and Mumbai in India all because they believe that a happy team creates happy bosses.

Mike said: From time-to-time we like to treat our team to a month-long holiday so that we can all escape the cold British weather and not go too long without some sunshine.

Turn Partners covers the costs and although we generally go away for the month, staff can come and go for as long as they please.