July 14, 2024


We Do Shopping Right

GITAMites enjoy Korean games, food, fashion


Korean Culture Club, in collaboration with Vastranova, organised an event dedicated to Korean culture, from traditions and culture to exotic food and the amazing fashion with a bang of k-pop at GITAM (Deemed to be University), Hyderabad on Wednesday. The Hallyu wave has submerged most of the population of the world and on Wednesday they brought to the people of GITAM, The Hangug Vogue, to experience authentic street fashion, traditional food, and entertaining games.

Korea is constantly innovating and testing new trends. This event was also about the reflection of a person through their style. Korean fashion is adaptable and wearable. Through this event, the team members brought out the gem hidden in every participant – with a fun ramp walk where students could voluntarily take the stage. The games included Ddakji, Jegichagi, and Tuho – popular and traditional Korean games. Also, GITAMites enjoyed the delicious food from Goguryeo Korean Restaurant, an authentic Korean food restaurant from Madhapur, Hyderabad.

The delicious and crunchy Dalgona, made by the team members, and rice crackers were sold to the students. Filled with fun, the event exports the audience to the magical land of South Korea.


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