June 23, 2024


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Having a Job on Credit Cards Services

Credit Cards Services Companies are very easy to find such www.4besto.com, especially in big cities, just go to the mall then we would be approached by someone who offers his services to apply for a credit card. Generally, credit card issuing banks do promotions apply for a credit card at the places visited by many people, for example in shopping malls, airports, hotels, restaurants and places of entertainment, because the function of credit cards as a payment instrument, so that the people who used to shop bring cash, currently do not have to carry cash is too much enough to bring a credit card or debit cards carry / ATM.

Before discussing how to choose the right credit card marketing and trustworthy, it would be nice if we first understand the marketing of credit cards and where we can apply for a credit card. Broadly speaking, the credit card issuing banks in the credit card market through several marketing systems:

  • Customer Service (CS). Apply a credit card can also pass CS in the bank office. CS serves customers in addition to also market the banking products and one credit card.
  • Marketing section/ Credit Department. Generally, employees of the marketing both parts Funding also market credit cards in addition to also market other banking products.
  • Telemarketing Office. Generally, each bank has a telemarketing division, whose job offers credit card products through telephone and offerings devoted to cardholders or customers of the bank. Generally, credit card offers a second, third, etc., and also an additional card. Also offers the first credit card to bank customers, such as customer funds / credit.
  • Marketing Credit Cards. This marketing system has been implemented by Mega and BCA bank. Marketing is contracted directly by the bank on the credit card market.
  • Filing by On Line. Almost all banks in the marketing of credit cards to use this system, which is On Line through the official website of the bank.
  • Direct Sales. Almost all banks to market credit cards to wear this marketing system that System Direct Sales / Agency, because the banks are not bothered with marketing recruiting.

In this system the Agency generally apply marketing system by:

  • Generally, have the serial number of sales / sales code issued by the bank and they are listed in the bank as a credit card marketing. Marketing we meet at the Mall, airports etc. or frequent canvassing
  • SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) are generally placed on counters promo, eg in malls, airports etc. SPG is generally contracted during the last promo only.
  • Telemarketing office is different from the bank. In this telemarketing generally offers for credit cards first, second, or additional card and so on are not limited to bank customers / is more general because the Agency generally have data of credit card holders.
  • Consulting Services Online Credit Card Generally, these service providers in conducting its operations partnered with Agency / Marketing credit card that has a sales code. In the credit card market, service providers generally offer more than one credit card.