November 28, 2022


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HeartKids and Drakes Supermarkets introduce Scholarship Program


Through the donations acquired by Drakes Supermarkets during the Hero for HeartKids marketing campaign, the HeartKids / Drakes Supermarket Scholarship Application has released to assistance kids with Congenital Coronary heart Disease (CHD) in South Australia and Queensland in additional establishing their expertise or talents.

More than 3,000 babies are born with a CHD each individual year across Australia. It is the most popular start abnormality, impacting a single in each and every 100 toddlers and is a top bring about of toddler death in Australia. There is no regarded treatment, but many thanks to health care advances there are above 45,000 grown ups who have lived with a heart problem given that childhood.

“The HeartKids / Drakes Supermarkets Scholarship Method will present option for young children and teenagers with a congenital coronary heart defect, who have been disadvantaged by lengthy durations of hospitalisation, many surgical procedures or the ongoing consequences of their heart defect, to pursue their passions and fulfil their potential,” HeartKids South Australia point out supervisor, Tania Potts explained.

“We are honoured to partner with Drakes Supermarkets. The partnership amongst HeartKids and Drakes Supermarkets has lifted around $500,000, in just four years, supporting 1000’s of nearby families influenced by CHD across South Australia and Queensland.”

Person scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 (up to an once-a-year overall of $40,000) in the capabilities parts of the arts, sport, instruction, science and/or business with programs accepted for kids among 10 to 24 who have skilled congenital, or childhood acquired heart disorder throughout South Australia and Queensland.

Scholarship recipients will be declared late July 2022.


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