September 24, 2023


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How Does an Influencer Rise to Influence?

A lot of people often wonder how does an influencer rise to influence? In this digital era influencer marketing grows really fast since now brands has realize that the influencers really have a lot of potential. 

How Does an Influencer Rise to Influence?

The influencers have big power to influence their audience which then used by the brand for their benefit. This seemingly new concept has become even more powerful as the influencer’s influence keep ricing. Here are the things that make influencer’s influence ricing and become more powerful:

1. Social media growth

We live in an era where social media really have big influence in our life. It surrounds worldwide population in astounding pace as they keep growing. Billions and billions of people use social media and the number keep rising every year.

Because of social media, it is now very easy for people to spread and share their ideas. Whereas, in the old days brand can only share the information about their product in their own websites. Social media has become a new platform where brands can share the information about their product and gain more engagement. 

For the customers themselves, the social media have also transformed the method that they use to consume content. It also become the new preferred method where people can interact with each other. With it, now they can get as many information as they want and also build social interaction 

2. Traditional marketing falling behind

Traditional marketing usually uses ads which they put on television, radio, or even billboard. But now, people more often spend their time in digital channel instead of those more traditional channels. This makes the traditional marketing decline in effectiveness.

Brand have need to gain the trust from their customers. And this become one of the reasons why influencer marketing starts to rise. The customers who are mostly millennials does not have the same trust to celebrity endorsement as they used to. 

The traditional marketing is also considered very expensive and it takes more time to do. Furthermore, there are nothing that can be use to analyze the result that you get from these more traditional campaigns. Because the traditional marketing and its influence keep falling, now brands focus their effort more on digital advertising through. influencer marketing.

3. Faster result

Influencer marketing will give faster result to the brands. They will also give the brand a lot of benefits when done correctly. This is the reason why a lot of brands prefers to use this method compared to the traditional one. 

4. Can help brand to enhance their reach

Advertisement become something that is consider untrue which makes consumer distrust it. That is why, they want something trustworthy and more genuine. Influencer marketing is the new way that can be use to persuade consumers and influence them using influencer that they trust and know.

Influencer build their reputation through passion and hard work. That is how they can get trusted network with great size and loyal follower. From their follower trust, influencer can then make a new trend or influence their audience to purchase something.

The competition between brands makes it more difficult for the brand to directly reach the customer. That is why, they are using the influencer so they can engage and have more connection with the audience. Influencer that has big follower can help brand to reach bigger consumers base. 

5. More affordable marketing

Micro influencer might have smaller following; however, they have bigger engagement with their audience. They have bigger influence since people see them as more genuine compared to macro influencer. The best thing might be because micro influencer is more affordable to work with.

As you can see there are a lot of things that make the influence from an influencer become a big thing in this era. So, as a brand, you should not only ask how does an influencer rise to influence, but also start using this method.