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How to earn a Juris Doctor Degree online

What Is a Juris Doctor (JD) Degree? | Coursera

In the United States, Canada and some other countries, the Juris Doctor, often referred to as a Doctor of Law, is the standard professional qualification for lawyers. A lawyer with a Juris Doctor degree excels in their field and can earn large salaries. The good news is that it is now possible to obtain a Juris Doctor degree online. 

What is a Juris Doctor Degree?

The Juris Doctor, commonly referred to as a lawyer in many countries, allows individuals to practice law. In the United States, the Juris Doctor is the standard qualification for lawyers. In most jurisdictions in the US, individuals need to attend a law school accredited by the American Bar Association before they  can take the bar exam. Upon graduation, students are given a Juris Doctor degree.

Traditionally, law degrees are only awarded to students who have completed four-year degrees. However, in recent years, online law schools have started to offer two-year Juris Doctor degrees. Although these two-year programs are not recognized by all jurisdictions in  the US, and some employers may require the four-year degree.

Why obtain a Juris Doctor degree online?

The benefits of obtaining a Juris Doctor online are that you can complete your degree at a cheaper cost. Than if you attended a brick-and-mortar school, you will not have to commute. And you can study  at your own pace. Compared to a four-year degree, which would cost around $180 per credit at a traditional school. A two-year Juris Doctor degree online will cost approximately $272 per credit. This is significantly cheaper than traditional education. However, it should be noted that some online schools offer flat rate tuition plans, meaning the cost  per credit won\’t vary.

Compared to traditional schools, online schools facilitate a more flexible learning schedule. The average class size in online schools is 25 students, which means you will have ample opportunity for one-on-one tutoring and the opportunity to study when it is most convenient for you – after work, on the weekends, or even online  during regular work hours.

Prerequisites for applying to an online law school

Just as with any other university, you will need to meet the academic and non-academic requirements of the school you wish to apply to. Most online law schools will require you to have completed certain high school courses, as well as have attained a certain undergraduate grade  point average (GPA). Some schools may also require you to take an exam, such as the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), or the Workplace Assessment Inventory (WAI) exam.

It is important to note that some online law schools will accept credits obtained from other accredited institutions, so if you have taken other courses that seem related to  the field of law, you may possibly be able to earn credits for your online law school course.

What will I study in an online Juris Doctor program?

An Juris Doctor, commonly referred to as a JD, is the most common degree awarded to students graduating from law school. You will learn the foundations of law, as well  as the rationale and arguments used to build and argue legal arguments. You will also learn the principles of various legal systems, including common law, mixed law, and codified law.  Will learn the principles of lawmaking and policymaking, as well as the dynamics of legal reasoning and argumentation.

An online JD program will grant you with in-  depth knowledge of the theory and practice of law, as well as the strategies and tactics used by lawyers. You will also learn how to analyze and resolve complex legal problems through field research, simulation, case studies, and analysis of current legal issues.

How to choose an accredited online law school?

There are over 200 accredited law schools worldwide.  The two main accreditation organizations for law schools are the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Liaison Committee for Accreditation of Counseling and Development (LACCD). Ensure the online law school you choose is accredited by one of these organizations. The ABA, for example, accredits law schools in the United States, Canada, and  Malta.

The LACCD, meanwhile, accredits non-ABA accredited law schools in countries worldwide, except for Canada. The number of years an online law school has been in operation shouldn’t be a factor when choosing which one to apply to. Additionally, look into the school’s ranking within the field of law. You can also  check online reviews and complaints about the school to ensure it isn’t having any significant issues. In Short, I recommend you Abraham Lincoln University.

What are the admission requirements for an online law degree program?

You will need to have completed an undergraduate degree to be eligible for most online law degree programs. Some online JD programs, however, may accept individuals with at least five years of  work experience. If you do not have a prior degree, you may be eligible to enroll in an online law school’s undergraduate degree program and then later transfer into the law program. Some online law schools may also accept credit for courses already taken, such as those related to business, political science, or history. Ensure you meet the school  s particular degree program requirements.

What is the cost of an online law degree?

Online law degrees are highly affordable, and you should be able to earn one from an accredited school for less than $20,000. The cost will largely be determined by the institution you choose. For example, an online law degree from The University of Baltimore  is less than $20,000, while the cost for the same program at Regent University is around $26,000. 

What types of jobs can I get with an online law degree?

You can get a wide variety of jobs with a law degree, including but not limited to lawyer, paralegal, legal administrator,  judicial clerk, FBI special agent, and others. With an online law degree, your job prospects are only expanded, and you have the flexibility to choose a career path that you love.

How is the classroom experience with an online law degree?

An online law degree offers much of the same academic experience as a traditional program. You’  ll have access to the same course materials, professors, and tests. And also you’ll enjoy the same degree of academic support and satisfaction that you would at any reputable online law school.

What is included in an online law degree program?

An online law degree program includes the core courses required to become a lawyer, including but not limited  to civil procedure, torts, criminal law, and constitutional law. You’ll also have the opportunity to take additional specialized courses, such as forensics, to enhance your career prospects.

How do I choose an online law school?

First, ensure the school is accredited by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) or  the American Bar Association (ABA). Additionally, you should ensure the school has a reputable track record and a high student satisfaction rate. You should also consider the type of degree you want—J.D. or LL.M.—your budget, and the school’s location to ensure you’re making a good choice. 

How much does an online law degree cost?

An online law degree can cost anywhere from $14,000 to $41,000. This is about the same as a traditional program. The cost of your program will depend on the school you choose, and may be more or less depending on the course structure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

It’s crucial to take into account the drawbacks of an online learning environment before deciding to pursue an online JD. Online law schools offer the same rigorous, superior education as on-campus programmes. But they do have their own unique set of difficulties. For instance, in an online learning environment. You are in charge of controlling your own time and enforcing the discipline to consistently study. You will be required to create and achieve goals on your own, without the assistance of real-life classmates or instructors.

In addition, you will need to schedule your own time to manage your full-time job and personal life as well as study, prepare papers, and take examinations. Having said that, many people like studying online. Because it offers a flexible curriculum and a large selection of online law schools. With flexible class times and online-only courses, online law schools make it simpler for students to work full-time jobs, learn at their own speed, and finish their degrees on flexible timelines.


A Juris Doctor, or J.D., is an honors degree that’s typically required to become a lawyer. It takes three to five years to complete an on-campus program, or as little as two years with an online program. In some cases, undergraduate degrees may qualify you to apply for a  LL.M. (Master of Laws) program, which is a one- to two-year program that’s typically considered to be a post-graduate certificate. However, LL.M. programs often require an undergraduate degree in a relevant field, such as biology or criminal justice, to be eligible for the program.