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How To Make Money From Boxing

If you want to make money from boxing, I suggest you * do not * observe in the footsteps of Lennox Lewis.

As I compose this in the spring of 2007, it&#39s rumoured that Lewis is contemplating a comeback in his 40s.

Lewis is that uncommon beast, a heavyweight winner who retired with his title intact, but they often say that fighters can not give up, and the entice of a large payday is tempting him.

It&#39s rumoured that he could get $ twenty five million for a single struggle.

Now that&#39s a good deal of money, but I do not suggest that you should really get into the ring to make money from boxing!
Let&#39s facial area it, it is only the very handful of elite that make a good deal of money, and most of them stop up broke!

So, if we&#39re not receiving into the ring, how else can we make money from boxing?

I want to cover 3 methods, including the system I use.

For starters, you could acquire up boxing advertising.
Remember how I reported that most champions stop up broke?
That&#39s simply because most of the money looks to stop up with the administrators and promoters.
Despite the fact that there looks to be a good deal of money there, this is a route for the long term only – it would acquire a long time to establish up a business of any take note, and then you&#39d still have to compete from the handful of who appear to be to control all the large fights.

The 2nd method, and this is a great deal far more realistic, is to come to be an affiliate.
As an affiliate, you do not want a internet site, you do not want any inventory, you simply just mail site visitors to other companies&#39 web pages, and they spend you a commission of any revenue generated.

There is a large range of factors you can be an affiliate for – from machines like gloves and coaching equipment, to tickets and spend for each check out subscriptions (this is where the bulk of the Lennox Lewis $ twenty five million would come from.)
There is also memorabilia, books, dvds, posters, etc.
In simple fact a single of the regularly greatest-selling sporting activities posters is of Ali standing about Liston in the ring.

So whilst this can be a fantastic revenue resource, it has the draw back that you are competing with all the other affiliates.
Fantastic for the business worried, not so great for the affiliates.

The third method is the a single I use, and it&#39s to provide information.

Boxing admirers will expend money – that&#39s proved by the spend-for each-check out design, so if you can provide information on how they can make money to cover their expenditures, you have a keen marketplace.

How about if you showed them how they could make plenty of money to make outings to see the fights in man or woman?
To acquire all the books and movies they&#39d want, to indulge in amassing memorabilia – do you assume they&#39d be intrigued?

You guess!
Data can be developed and delivered devoid of price currently, and this is why I use it myself to make money – there is no cause why you can not too.

Hopefully you&#39ve witnessed some various techniques of building money from the activity of boxing- you can get even further information by following the backlink to my tutorial down below.