November 30, 2023


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How To Make Your Dispensary Stand Out


Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Your Dispensary Stand Out

How can I get my dispensary to stand out?

Try to specialize in offering products that other dispensaries don’t have. On top of that, be sure to make it known through online menus, social media, and marketing emails that you stock these items, and actively run promotions and discounts for them. Be sure that your brand identity and stylization matches your merchandise, retail space, and targeted audience.

How do I get more customers to my dispensary?

For new customers, be as searchable as possible. When someone looks on Google Maps for the nearest dispensary, your location should pop out to them as a good place to visit with a website link to your menu and updated contact information and hours. To entice returning customers, consider sending out SMS and email marketing promotions and discounts based on their previous purchase information. 

What makes a dispensary successful?

Much like any retail business, a good dispensary will understand its clientele, competitors, and cannabis products. Catering to the location and niche demand is crucial. In addition, properly training budtenders and using a modern retail point of sale system can make a world of difference.

How do you market a dispensary?

There are many avenues you can use to market a dispensary, although there are some increased regulations due to the nature of cannabis stigma. Try posting updates about exciting products on your social media page. Blast out SMS and email messages with promotions and bundles. Finally, try pushing sales and discounts on online menus like Weedmaps so that your dispensary gets as much exposure as possible. 


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