How to prevent tanning products from staining your clothes?

For many celebs and beauty divas, spray tanning is one of the most sought-after beauty treatments. Many people have added spray tanning into their beauty regime. And, why not. Spray tanning is an incredibly easy and effective method to achieve a golden glow. With festive season ahead and winter around the corner, spray tanning can be the best way to fake suntan and contour the whole body. All you need to do is visit spray tan beds near me or invest in the best self-tanners.

But let’s face it, sunless tanning methods like self-tanners can get messy sometimes. There are times when the tan color stains the clothes, bed linens, and towels. So, how can one prevent the tan solution from getting stuck on all your things? From wearing dark colors for the first few days after getting spray tanned to avoiding heavy physical activities, there are plenty of ways to keep that tan stain away.

In this blog, find some fantastic and easy tips to prevent tan marks from ruining expensive clothes.

Use Sunless Tanning Solutions as Makeup

If you cannot visit your closest tanning booth for spray tanning treatment, you can rely on self-tanners. Self-tanners are not only easy to apply; they are also longer lasting than most bronzers. Adding a self-tanner into your beauty regime is a wonderful way to maintain that healthy glow and keep your skin moisturized. Self-tanners can also help you perfect the existing tan or hid marks, redness, cellulite, and scars on the skin. If you are ending a high-end party or going out for a girls’ night out, you can get a nice glow with self-tanner. Most self-tanning products don’t rub off on the dress or look patchy; and so perfect for achieving that subtle sheen.

Allow the self-tanner to dry thoroughly.

Most self-tanners take at least eight to ten hours to develop. Thus, one must allow the tan solution to set on the skin thoroughly. Most beauty experts suggest one to sleep in dark clothing for a few nights after applying self-tanner. Various tan formulas dry off instantly and don’t smudge. If you want to apply self-tanner on your face, use a makeup brush or sponge to spread the solution evenly onto the skin. Elbows and heels are tricky to tan as they get dry very easily. To apply an even tan on such body parts, use a moisturizing lotion. Moisturizer will help in preventing the tan solution to stick on the heels and elbows.

Wait till the tan develops.

While the tan is setting on your skin, allow it to set completely. One must avoid gym sessions or other physical activities soon after applying a self-tanner. Preventing the body from sweating is crucial to keep the tan solution from staining the clothes. Sweating also results in uneven tan lines and awkward looking streaks. So, after you are back from the closest tanning bed near you, ensure you skip the gym or avoid doing anything they may cause you to sweat.