How to save money through frugal living? Tips to make additional money in free time

Being frugal could be a most challenging task for some people but sometimes it is the only choice you are left with. If you’re not making enough money to meet your expenses being frugal could be really helpful and if you are smart enough you can fulfill your demands through their substitute. Now frugal does not mean you always need to sacrifice your need. Sometimes it means you need to satisfy yourself with their substitute or need to find another alternative which eventually fulfills your need.

Let’s discuss this with some examples to make it clearer. If you fail to meet your expenses which only include basic amenities then you really need to follow a frugal living lifestyle there is no other alternative. But if you are unable to fulfill your basic needs because you spend too much on entertainment, luxury shopping and things which has lower priority. Then it means you have not planned your budget according to your income in such cases any amount of money can be less. So the primary objective is to plan the budget according to your income.

If you smartly manage your personal finance you will find most of the time it is not about less income you make but you are over exceeding your budget without any concrete planning. Let’s take an example of cable TV usually; we pay more than $50 a month for cable TV now you must be thinking that I would suggest you cut down your connection and start saving $50. Then you are completely wrong here instead of paying separately for cable TV use your internet which can provide everything that you are watching on cable TV. This way instead of paying two separate bills you can merge your needs and save a substantial amount every month.

Tips to make additional money in free time

These tasks are not the part of a regular income but you can try these to make some money. Some of them will give you guaranteed earnings where is some are based on winning. You need to decide which one is good for you.

1. Survey sites

These are the sites which offer money in exchange for your honest feedback. There are lots of companies that do a survey for their product and services and usually, they outsource this to the third party which is also known as survey sites. All you need to do is to register an account and complete the given task which you would receive on daily basis. Survey sites do not provide you only surveys their tasks include multiple activities such as watching videos, sharing feedback and another small task. In completing these tasks they provide a certain number of points which you can redeem in cash and discount coupons. Some of the survey sites are Swagbucks, toluna, mysurvey, and many other websites.

2. Captcha solving

This could be very challenging for the beginner because payment is very less and a number of captcha solving is quite high. However, some people are making good money because they are good at speed and due to their experience they are mostly solving the captcha in one go. I tried this but didn’t find a good option as my typing speed is very poor and you cannot make money if you are bad at typing.

3. Sweepstakes for which you are already paying

Now, these are something which is quite interesting but it also has a huge drawback. These are based on winning so chances of winning are very low, however, I love this one because it does not cost you anything additional and only take a couple of minutes to share your feedback. But the winning prizes are really big here you can win from $1000 to $5000 depending upon the company. Some of the general sweepstakes which are paying decent money to their winners Such as &

There are lots of activities for which already pay like dining, groceries, household products, and many other items and if you go online search for their surveys you will find most of the companies does provide sweepstakes through their survey panel.

Some other additional ways through which you can manage your personal finance.

You can consider these as a substitute and really good for those who are following a frugal living lifestyle. All we need to do is to spend some time and do the following with the companies who are offering free products.

Product testing

These are good ways to get free products although it does not work according to your requirement because you will get what the company is offering not exactly what you needed. But the best thing about is that almost all sector offer this so you have a chance to get your desired product or may be considered as a substitute.

Amazon review sites

If you ever bought something online you must have noticed there are lots of reviews which shared by customers on seller account for particular products. These reviews are not always a part of genuine buying sometimes in order to increase the popularity of the product seller offer free products and in exchange for that, they ask the participant to share their feedback. These are very popular ways to get free products online I got two earphones and mobile accessories completely free of cost.

Craigslist free stuff

Most of us are not aware that craigslist has a category name free stuff and here you get free products offered by people. But since craigslist is free platform please ensure the deal before wasting any time. However, as per my personal experience, I found some great deal with craigslist but yes it does need some check in order to verify the genuine lead.


In order to manage your expenses, you need to have a perfect planning for your personal budget. And if your income is too low to meet your basic expenses then you should try to be as frugal as you can because that is the only choice you have when you are unable to increase your expenses. But keep searching on the internet there are many websites which provide various sources through which you can make money online in your free time.