How To Survive A Long Flight

Long flights are really painful to deal with, especially since not everyone can afford those “luxury apartments in the sky” that some companies are currently giving as a service above their own first class. To better prepare you for this painful experience, we put together a list that surely will help you before leaving. Take notes!


Comfort Is Important, Bring It With You

The main problem, when it comes to ultra long flights is the fact that, usually, economy flight seats are small and not comfortable at all. That’s why you should bring a comfortable pair of shoes, some nice tracksuit pants and a travelling pillow. No one wants to land with his body destroyed because of the fact that his seat was small and not comfortable!



How boring can flying be? Imagine spending 12+ hours in the above-mentioned seat, with no internet (luckily every major company that’s doing international flights currently has it) and no entertainment. Hell on Earth! With that being said, this is what you should bring with you:

– Some Movies

– An entire season of your favourite tv show (better if new)

A portable console or video games in general


Decide Which Seat Works Best

Being someone who’s usually airsick, it’s a must for me to book a seat that is not close to the window. This might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s that important when it comes to flying and overall comfort. Another big part of why this is incredibly important is the fact that, usually, families (and following screaming toddlers) are staying in the front of the plane, so just keep that in mind.


To Conclude

Once again, flying could be a painful experience and, in a way, could kill the mood. This is something that you want to avoid at any cost, not only because of the fact that maybe that is the trip you’ve been waiting for years but also because of the fact that no one has to ruin his own trip. Keep these tips in mind!