May 26, 2024


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How To Wear Your Tracksuit Outside the House

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To some people it’s still frowned upon to leave the house sporting a tracksuit when you become an adult, but since the rise of streetwear culture it’s become much more acceptable. But how do you pull it off as a style choice, rather than looking like you walking out the house and you couldn’t be bothered getting dressed? Well if you are struggling to leave the house in a tracksuit then have a look at these tips on how to wear your streetwear in the streets!


When you wear a tracksuit is the first part of pulling it off, heading to a restaurant, it’s not the best idea to roll up in a tracksuit. So knowing when you can pull it off is key. Day to day errands are usually a good start, food shopping, heading to the mall, walking the dog, all acceptable time to put on a mens full tracksuit. Lounging hobbies such as visiting the cinema are also a good time to put one too. It’s a fairly obvious thing to most, but sadly there are inappropriate times to put your comfys on.


The most essential part of pulling off a full tracksuit look is to wear the right sneakers with it,to highlight the intentional style. Make sure you wear fashionable trainers rather than something more sporty. Airmax, Puma Future’s and Jordans are ideal for a day to day look that will avoid you looking like you headed to the gym. Retro trainers also work well if you have some old school adidas hidden away.


Depending on the weather you might not want to take this one too literally, but showing off a layer looking is always a strong move with a tracksuit. Using longline mens graphic t-shirts that can be seen just at the bottom of your hoodie is a great way to break up the tracksuit top and joggers for a layered look. With a grey, black or navy tracksuit, a white tee underneath is the perfect combo.

The Fit

Luxury street brands might be pushing on the relaxed fit sweats, but it’s not a look for everyone and it also isn’t something that looks intentional. Finding a tracksuit with the right fit is key for a premium intentional look. Ideally you want a fitted (doesn’t have to be skinny) pair of joggers, that offer shape to your legs and a relaxed or oversized hoodie to highlight the joggers tapered fit. The fit is always going to be personal preference but if you’re looking for a stylish finish, try looking for something a bit more tailored or custom.