May 26, 2024


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How You Can Emphasise Safety and Health Without Compromising Your Fun

When you are organising a large-scale event like a corporate gathering, then you’re probably thinking about a lot of things other than the health and safety factors. The really exciting parts to consider are shopping for entertainment options with suppliers like Little Monsters who have an extensive range of fun party and event entertainment. On the other hand, if your event is going to prove successful, then you have to see to the welfare of the attendees that show up. As such, the sooner in your planning process that you take health and safety matters into consideration, the easier it’s going to be to work them in.

High-Calibre Suppliers

When you pick your event suppliers, do so with safety as your primary consideration. Safety and quality are two things that are closely related to each other, so picking suppliers with relevant safety certifications means you are taking serious steps in the directions of reliability and quality. The event entertainment equipment must go through annual tests conducted by the Register of Play Inspectors International, or RPII. That way, you can be assured that your supplier can reliably serve large events and that all equipment are reliable and safe.

Equipment With Proven Reliability

It’s easy to trust the claim of a brochure or website that particular equipment is certified and tested correctly. It’s also easy to believe such claims, but should you? Not unless you can confirm those certifications through an independent or objective third-party source. Inflatables must be tested through PIPA, which is an inspection regimen established to make sure that inflatable play equipment are aligned with recognised professional and industry standards. Every piece of equipment that is issued with that tag is something you can confirm with a national database. The HSE, or Health and Safety Executive supports PIPA, so that should give you even more peace of mind if you’re hoping for a safe even that runs smooth.

Electrical Safety

Modern society relies on electricity, and most individuals take the presence of it for granted. Electrical equipment failure is a disaster for your event and lacking in safety in this part of your event can actually prove to be fatal. You want your attendees to be able to focus on the fun at hand without distraction or interruption, so making sure that your electrical components are safe and reliable is critical to the success of your event. Every piece of electrical equipment should be tested annually according to the Portable Appliance Testing or PAT guidelines established by the HSE. This ensures that when you use the equipment for any size event, you’ll find it reliable and safe on the day of your event.

Assessing Risk

Last minute is not the time to do the risk assessment of your event. Once the structure of your particular event is in place, then it’s time to start looking over the risk assessment process so that you have enough time to change your plans or event layout if safety considerations present themselves. One of the primary considerations of a successful event is having the proper insurance in place to cover the event and everything that it incorporates.

Highly-Trained Personnel

A huge component of your risk assessment should be staffing. That means that you are going to have proper support levels throughout your organisation. Clear lines of communicating with each other have to be established and your staff needs to have training in event operation standards with an adequate number of first-aid response personnel available. The operating staff must be highly trained in safe and reliable installation and operation of the equipment. Ensuring they have taken and passed RPII examinations covering both operational and supervisory levels of standards and protocol, is extra assurance that the inflatables are going to be fun and safe for those you have in attendance.

The hallmark of a truly successful safety and health policy for any event, corporate or otherwise is when no one notices it. When you choose reliable suppliers who put an emphasis on safety and plan things in advance, only then you can anticipate an enjoyable event that runs super smooth.