I Wanted to Feel Beautiful

People judge beauty in different ways. For some, it is all about the outward appearance. For others, beauty is only skin deep, so they look for a deeper beauty that comes with a good personality. Still yet, others will have a mix of the two when they are deciding if someone is beautiful. For me, it gets a bit more complicated. I never thought I was beautiful until I tried Naturaful. A few months after I started my daily regime, including the breast enhancement product, I could finally tell a difference in how I looked.

I can honestly say that is the first time I have felt beautiful. I have been told that I am good looking, and I have also been told that I have a great personality. That is all fine and dandy, but other people’s opinions of me don’t necessarily reflect how I feel about myself. I never thought I was hideous, but I did not like my boyish looks. That was mainly because I had literally no breasts. I was wearing an A cup, and it just really bothered me. I wanted to have cleavage, and I just knew that is what would make me finally feel beautiful for the first time in my life.

I never considered anything that I felt was dangerous or extreme. That is the reason I never wanted breast implants. When I heard about Naturaful though, I knew that it was something I definitely wanted to try. It is all natural, and it is the ingredients that mimic hormones that make breasts increase in size. I was patient, and it only took a few months before I noticed any changes. I now have cleavage, and I had to throw out all my old bras because I just did not fit in them anymore. To some, it may not appear like a big change in me, but to me, it is everything I could have wanted.