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Interesting things about german fashion for students

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German clothing design is impressive! German fashion has managed to attract international interest due to the volumes generated through online sales channels. Students coming from other countries to study in Germany need to know what to expect in terms of clothing.

Students need to analyze the stores where they choose to shop. ID app is a very popular online store among students in Germany, where you will find suitable clothing items.

German-style rules

Clean, elegant, secluded: German fashion proves that less can certainly be more! The “typically German” look is quite low, based on clear lines and narrow design. German women are very fashion-conscious and appreciate clothing that is characterized by selected materials and high-quality workmanship. The wardrobe of most Germans is characterized by two words – practicality and accessibility. Clothing, according to the Germans, must first and foremost be comfortable.

Practical clothing is the choice of men and women in everyday life

The style in which the Germans, the Russians who have lived in Germany for some time, dress, is characterized by the following definition: “none”. The lack of style in the generally accepted framework is the German style. Carelessness, even indifference to their appearance – that’s what the Germans look like on the streets. This is also true for women.

The exception is youth. German youth, like young people from other countries, look fashionable. Girls like to wear short skirts, most often made of denim, combined with sneakers or boots. That is, here too, practicality comes first – even for branded items of the highest quality.

Germany is one of the most developed economies in the world, offering a high standard of living for its citizens. This does not mean at all that the Germans are ready to spend money on expensive things.

Spontaneous purchases of clothes are not, in principle, typical for Germans. The German visits the store several times looks carefully at what he likes, try it a few times before deciding to buy.

Make targeted purchases

Think in advance about what you need. You can also put buttocks in mind. So you play it safe not to hoard in the closet an item that in the end cannot be combined with your clothes. It also gives you a better idea of ​​how much clothing you need. Make a note of everything and stick to your shopping list. Making fewer impulsive purchases also means wasting less money.

Unisex fashion

Germany is one of the European countries whose clothing style has been significantly influenced by the development of the feminist movement.

Today the situation has changed significantly. As for male and female equality, stylists believe: the reason for the negligence and lack of a certain style in German women’s clothing are echoes of feminist ideas that have been actively promoted by Schwarzer and her associates.

Don’t you want to stand out? Wear quality, practical and comfortable clothing in Germany. Naturalness and slight negligence – this is the style for a harmonious infusion in German society.