September 24, 2023


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Israeli Morf shirt takes fashion world by storm

Morf Shirt- Blue - All of the photos are of a woman wearing the same shirt

Morf Shirt- Blue – All of the photos are of a woman wearing the same shirt

Courtesy Morf Fashion

The fashion world has been taken by storm by a new innovation created by Israeli designer Tamara Salem, who with her business partner Barak Kirschner created the fashion design company by the name of Morf.

Salem created started out by creating a dress that could be worn multiple ways creating multiple designs, and then designed a shirt which caused the fashion world to explode.

The Morf shirt, has been written up in numerous newspapers and fashion magazines around the world, and has garnered an incredible share of media attention. What is special about the lightweight and durable shirt is that it can be worn in 24 different ways, each one creating its own unique style and design as well as pattern.

From solid blues, to horizontal blue and black lines, the shirt can be worn and re-worn to create elegant patterns and match countless wardrobe ideas. This one shirt can replace entire segments of a wardrobe, and at a fraction of the cost.

Morf shirt, has been quoted by top fashion websites as being unbelievable and something that will be a trendsetter for further advancements and innovations in the fashion industry. To quote just one site  “ The innovation in the design of this shirt is unbelievable and I believe that this first ever multi-shirt will pave the way for further advancements in the fashion industry.”

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Salem explained  how she came upon the idea to create this type of revolutionary shirt.

“The idea came to me when I was sewing a shirt for a friend’s birthday. I wanted to create a shirt that would allow the wearer to wear it in many different ways. I wanted it to be a simple shirt that looks like any other shirt, but would have several possibilities to change styles in the simplest of manners.”

The genius of the shirt is that instead of simply containing one layer for the front and the back, it is built in a way that include four layers. “These layers allow three different places to wear the shirt in a ways that creates new designs for each one,” said Salem.

Salem prided herself on the simplicity of the design adding that there are no zippers or buttons. “It looks like a shirt, it feels like a shirt. The whole idea is that is there is no wrong way to wear it,”

Mathematically speaking the four different layers allow the wearer to wear the shirt with a v-neck or with a complete circle neck, and also allows the sleeves to become different colors. In total the layers allow for 24 different positions.

“From the standpoint of a designer and a wearer it was a pleasure to create this shirt,” added Salem.  

Salem has been overjoyed by the feedback that the company has received by purchasers of the shirt. Having received a lot of positive feedback, she said that the most positive feedback has been from travelers or backpackers, who appreciate the ingenuity and variety of styles that one article of clothing allows. Everything from sporty, to elegant. “The shirt particularly works for travellers who can use this one shirt for a few days while travelling or hiking. It is something that is fun and useful and that is the best thing in design.”

Morf recently added a shirt for men, as well as increased the basic design of the women’s shirt to include three separate color motif, blue, red, and green. Those items as well as the original dress design are available for sale from the company’s website and from amazon. Salem is also looking to soon begin making children’s clothing in the near future.

MORF dress Courtesy MORF Fashion

“I came from the world of Television, and  I was a TV editor. After I had the original idea for the dress I left television and studied design at studio 6B in Tel Aviv. Upon graduating I did my required internship in the field and became a designer. I am very happy in my new profession, and I am grateful that I have  been able to make so many other people happy as well.”   

The designs for the shirt and dress have been patented under US patent law, and are on sale until the end of the 2015 calendar year.